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Serious looking woman

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Serious looking woman
Serious looking woman.jpg
Portrayed by Andrea Thompson
First appearance Destiny, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown

A serious looking woman makes sure that Elisa is watching Santiago.

Character History

Webisode:Destiny, Part 1

A serious looking woman watches from a distance in a Lima, Peru park, as Santiago approaches and makes first contact with Elisa. After Santiago leaves her to go play on the soccer field, the woman meets up with Elisa by the park fountain. Hearing from Elisa that he is ready, the woman tells Elisa to get close to him, but to be careful. She then stays watching, and is not shocked when Elisa suddenly dissolves into a puddle of water.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 2

After Elisa stops Santiago by surprising him, the serious looking woman zaps him with a taser.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 3

Inside a secure warehouse, the serious looking woman talks with Elisa as Santiago sits asleep on a chair in the middle of the room. The woman question's Elisa's loyalty and reminds her to follow protocol.

Later, she assists Elisa in explaining Santiago's ability to him, informing him that there are others out there like him, and that they want him to be apart of something much larger than himself. The serious looking woman then explains that Santiago inherited his ability from his father, and that he also worked for them. Next, she pulls out a projector and shows Santiago a couple of targets they want him to kill, and explains that his father was very good at getting his mark. When Santiago refuses, she pulls out a gun and shoots at him after threatening to do so, but Santiago uses his ability to dodge and turn her own gun on her. The woman then convinces Santiago he cannot refuse to work for them by showing him a video of his mother and explaining that his mother will get killed if he doesn't accept to do so.

Webisode:Destiny, Part 4

In the secure warehouse where Santiago had been brought, the serious looking woman orders three gunmen with laser-guided automatic rifles to fire at Elisa and Santiago. When they escape the gunfire, she uses her cell phone to call someone.

Later, the serious looking woman is on a walkway outside the church in Lima. She takes a cell phone call from a hitman and learns the target is approaching. Next, the woman tells the hitman that everyone involved must be eliminated. Then, a blur sneaks up quickly behind the woman. The serious looking woman turns and spots Edward, Santiago's father, standing in front of her. She tries to explain her position to Edward, but she cannot stop his blaming of her for involving his family and she gets zapped by him.

The serious looking woman collapses onto the ground in a pile of smoke and dust as Edward turns and walks away. While on the ground, the charges on the woman's body gradually dissipate into the ground and the key she has been holding in her right hand. The woman's eyes then reopen and she closes her hand tightly around that key.

Heroes Evolutions

Her character profile at refers to her only as S.L.W. According to that profile, the woman is a senior member of a secret organization with the goals of recruiting people with abilities and making sure they perform the organization's desires at any cost. Upon learning of Santiago's powers, the woman starts the recruitment process, the first step of which is to offer him great wealth in exchange for his complete dedication to the organization. If Santiago refuses, she has other means of persuasion at the ready, and she is not afraid to use them.


  • The serious looking woman is unnamed in the story as of Destiny, Part 4. The descriptive name "serious looking woman" comes only from the credits. Her character profile at refers to her only as S.L.W.
  • In a behind-the-scenes video, writer Adam Armus said that the serious looking woman is sort of like a recruiter for her organization, and that she is "upper middle management".

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Serious looking woman for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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