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Seismic burst

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Seismic burst
Mr. Shaw uses his power to repel Chandra Suresh away.
Held by: Mr. Shaw (deceased),
Mr. Taylor (deceased),
Repairman (deceased)
Ability to: Emit shockwaves

Seismic burst is the ability to emit a shockwave that is able to repel another person away.





Mr. Shaw

Mr. Shaw has demonstrated this ability once, sending a shockwave out of his hand, which sent Chandra Suresh flying when it hit him. (1961)

Mr. Taylor

Mr. Taylor used his ability against Noah Bennet when he tried to bag and tag him. (Shadowboxing)


The repairman used his ability to defend himself against Noah Bennet. He attacked Noah with a seismic burst, but Noah shot him straight after. (The Wall)



  • This ability has only ever been exhibited in black-and-white flashback sequences. Interestingly, all users of this ability were shot dead moments after its sole demonstration. Also, two of the users of this ability (Mr. Shaw and Mr. Taylor) have used it to protect their daughters, and both times their daughters survived to become mentally unstable later in the future. Two users (Mr. Taylor and the repairman) were killed by the same person.

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