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Episode:The Wall

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The Wall
Season: Four
Episode number: 417
First aired: February 1, 2010
The Wall.jpg
Written by: Adam Armus
Kay Foster
Directed by: Allan Arkush
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Next episode: Brave New World
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Story Development

Harry's Used Cars · Kate Bennet · Richard · Repairman



Trapped in Sylar's mind, Peter finds himself in an empty street within an empty city. Meanwhile, Sylar finds himself repairing an endless supply of watches. He hears a banging noise within the city and goes outside. He turns and sees Peter, holding a metal pipe to pound on the concrete. Sylar touches him and assures himself that Peter is real. Peter tells him that he's there to get Sylar out, but Sylar explains that he's been trying for three years to leave. Peter tells him that it's been three hours, and Sylar believes that Peter is his mind paying tricks on him. He refuses to let Peter taunt him and tells him to stay away. He runs back to the watch shop and Peter follows him, insisting that he's real and that Matt put Sylar into the dream. Sylar doesn't believe it, and wonders why Peter wants to help him escape when he killed Nathan. Peter tells Sylar he's the one who needs to save his friend Emma. Sylar points out that he's no savior but reluctantly agrees, daring Peter to try. Peter tries to use Matt's power but nothing happens.

At the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Samuel walks past the House of Mirrors and goes to his trailer, where Eli is keeping Claire locked inside. Samuel goes inside and tells Claire that Noah is unharmed for now, despite the fact he shot at the carnival people. Claire insists that Noah is innocent, and Samuel would be dead if Noah had shot him. Samuel says that she's naïve and tells Claire she needs to see her father for who he really is, and that he will show her.

Samuel takes Claire to the House of Mirrors where Noah is tied up in the center room. Claire embraces her father and demands that Samuel release him. Samuel refuses and brings out Damian, and then explains that Damian can reveal a person's memories. When Noah tells Samuel to let Claire go now that he has what he wants, Samuel wonders if Noah doesn’t her to see his past, and tells Damian to begin.

In Los Angeles, 1985, Noah is a used car salesman at Harry's Used Cars, showing a couple a car to purchase. When they prove reluctant, he directs them to another lot where they can get the car cheaper. As the owner glares at Noah, a woman comes up behind Noah and covers his eyes. He realizes that it's his wife, Kate. Noah admits that he's a lousy car salesman, and Kate thinks he should be writing plays. When Noah realizes there's something wrong, Kate admits that she's pregnant and is worried that he'll be mad. Noah smiles and embraces her, happy to be a father.

Claire realizes that Noah had another wife and family. Noah apologizes but Claire insists that it doesn't matter and tells Samuel to let her father go. Samuel asks if she wants to know what happened to his first wife, and points out that Noah is afraid because he knows what's coming. He leaves Claire there with Damian and Noah, and Damian reveals more of Noah's memories.

Kate and Noah are at home celebrating when there's a knock on the door. Noah goes to the door to get food from the Chinese deliveryman, Richard, and comments that he's not the usual man. Richard uses telekinesis to pin Noah to the wall. The man takes their money but when Kate approaches him, Richard telekinetically slams her back into an end table which shatters, impaling and killing her.

In Sylar's dream, Peter avoids Sylar for a month. Sylar finally talks to him and says that there's no one out there, but Peter doesn't want to spend any more time with him. He insists that he needs to focus. When Sylar taunts him, Peter punches him but Sylar tells him that by now, everyone is dead by now, including Emma. Peter insists that they're real and that's what matters. As they walk down the street, Sylar wonders how it could be such a detailed dream with books he's never read, but Peter believes they're from Sylar's subconscious. Peter realizes that Sylar doesn't want to get out, and Sylar wonders if he earned his solitude. Peter insists that he needs Sylar's help and they have to work together. Sylar agrees and admits that he wants to help. They turn around and find a large brick wall blocking the street. Peter recognizes it as the wall from Parkman's basement, and figures that it's their way out. They have to break through to escape.

Lauren slips into the carnival and makes her way to the dispensary. She takes some medical supplies for her bullet wound, but Emma comes in and treats her shoulder wound. Lauren explains that she came there to stop Samuel and Emma realizes that she came there with Noah. She doesn't believe Lauren when she explains that Samuel would shoot his own people to secure his position. Lauren hears Samuel coming and hides, asking Emma not to give her away. When Samuel comes in, he asks if everything is all right, while secretly signaling that he knows they're not alone. Emma tells Samuel what Lauren said, and Samuel denies it and asks to talk to Lauren. Emma gestures to Lauren and Samuel says she can leave. Once she's gone, Samuel says that he just wants to talk.

Noah explains that the person he was then died with Kate. Claire realizes that the murder is the reason that Noah joined the Company. Damian concentrates and reveals more of Noah's memories.

Noah comes home with the supplies he needs to start placing incidents of specials and track Richard. A year later, he connects Richard to another special, a repairman. He finds the man and holds him at gunpoint, and demands to know where the killer is. The man is surprised to learn there are others like him. Noah describes Richard but the special has no idea who he is talking about. He uses his power to attack Noah, who instinctively shoots and kills him.

In the House of Mirrors, the full impact of what Noah did hits Claire. Noah says that it was an accident and she realizes it was the first time he killed anyone. She demands to know what happens next.

Thompson suggests someone for Noah.

In the past, Noah is back to selling used cars, and ruthlessly convincing a young couple to buy. A man arrives and offers him a job: Thompson. He admits he's impressed that Noah killed the repairman, and offers to help Noah find Richard in return for him finding more specials. Two years later, Noah and Thompson meet at a restaurant and talk about how Noah has been working with Claude. However, he admits that he has some trust issues and considers Claude abnormal. Thompson knows what he means and admits that Noah's case is unusual. However, he notes that Noah has killed three specials during his missions. Thompson says that they can't cut ties with Noah him due to their investment in him, but something has to change. He tells Noah to start a family so he'll become calmer, and suggests he marry the waitress that brought them their sandwiches. Noah turns to the waitress, Sandra, and considers the matter. When he asks what happens if he refuses, Thompson assures him that he won't.

Claire is unhappy that the Company arranged the marriage, but Noah insists that he loved Sandra. He tells her that they are memories, the past.

Next, Damian shows Claire Noah's memory of two weeks ago during Thanksgiving, when he went to Claire's dorm room and talked to Gretchen. He tells her that he knows Claire has the compass and went to the carnival. He wants to know why Claire didn't come back with her, and is angry that Gretchen left Claire there. Noah insists that Gretchen needs to keep Claire with her and away with the carnival. René comes in and Gretchen wonders if he's going to wipe her memories. Noah says he won't if she does what he asks.

Claire is angry that Noah threatened Gretchen and leaves the House of Mirrors.

Peter pounds on the wall with a sledgehammer while Sylar tells him to eat. Peter insists that he doesn't need to eat or sleep, but doesn't know how long it's been since he first started trying to break it down. Peter refuses to yield and Sylar notes that Peter has the same look that he remembers from Nathan's memories of when Peter was a boy. Peter tells him to stop, saying he's not Nathan and never will be. Sylar tries to apologize but Peter says that it won't change anything. Sylar admits that nothing changes and they're stuck there forever, the two of them. He grabs a sledgehammer and approaches the wall.

Samuel confronts Lauren.

At the carnival, Lauren suggests that Samuel turn himself in rather than let his family get hurt. Samuel insists he knows what's best and believes they're strong enough to take what belongs to them. He refuses to live in a carnival, insisting that he could have been so much more, and realizes that she knows about the film. Samuel wonders if he can change the world if he brings enough specials there. Lauren wonders what the world ever did to him, and Samuel tells her it should have treated her better. Eli comes in and warns Samuel that Claire has escaped. Samuel tells Eli to tell everyone to pack and then dispose of Lauren.

Peter asks Sylar what he's going to do, and he says that he's going to end it. Together they pound on the wall.

Samuel finds Claire, who tells him that her father is a bad guy and that Samuel is her hero. Then she asks if that's what he wants to hear, and notes that he didn't have Damian show her the memory of Noah shooting Lydia. Samuel says that Noah has done plenty of evil, but Claire tells him that his supposed family fears him, and he's never experienced love. Samuel refuses to let her go and explains that when he saw the look of fear in Lauren's face, he decided he want to see that. He is taking the carnival to Central Park for their greatest show, and they will get the respect and fear that he wants. He wants Claire with him because she can bear his legacy into the future long after he's gone. Claire refuses to help him and Samuel points out that she sounds just like Noah. He tells her that Noah is in the souvenir trailer and lets her goes to him. Eli comes over and admits that Lauren escaped. Samuel says not to bother tracking her down because she's not worth it, and plans to give Claire the time to think over his offer.

Claire enters the trailer and starts to untie Noah. The trailer starts to shake as Samuel uses his power to sink the trailer deep inside of the earth. As Eli arrives, Samuel smiles in triumph and tells him that he wants his lieutenant to dispose of the people that Lydia warned might interfere in their plans.

Sylar and Peter break the wall.

Sylar is contemplating the untouched wall when Peter arrives with a birthday present: The Pillars of the Earth. He thanks Sylar for being there and helping to keep him sane, and then prepares to approach the wall again. Sylar admits that he's wondered if Peter was going to hit him with his hammer. Peter admits that he's had the same thoughts, and refuses to accept Sylar's apology because he wouldn't be doing right by Nathan's memory. Sylar realizes that Peter is holding onto his anger out of fear that he'll lose the last remnant of Nathan forever. Sylar insists he's changed and Peter knows it. Peter admits he knows that and hits the wall again. A gap opens up and Sylar joins his efforts. The two of them break down the wall, revealing a bright light.

Pete wakes up in the basement. He moves away from the wall as Sylar telekinetically bursts through the wall. Peter checks his watch and discovers they've only been in the dream for half a day. Sylar wonders if that means it's any less real. Peter simply says it's time to save Emma. However, as they go up the stairs, they find Eli waiting for them, and clone Elis appear behind them.

In the field where the carnival once stood, flags blow over the spot where the trailer is buried. Deep below, Claire is unable to get a cell phone signal. They call for help, but there's no one to hear them.

Memorable Quotes

"You need to stop messing around and focus."

"Oh focus right, because we gotta get out of here and go rescue... what's her name again?"

(Peter punches Sylar)

"Emma. Her name's Emma."

- Peter, Sylar

"Claire, you will inherit this new world. It's your legacy, and you will remind them what I've done long after I'm gone. That's why it's so important for you to be part of our family."

"You are desperate. And you're small. I will never be a part of your family."

- Samuel, Claire

"I might not be able to bring Nathan back, but I can sure as hell swing a sledgehammer."

- Sylar

"Every time you pick up that sledgehammer, I feel like you’re going to hit me with it. Really hard."

"Hmm, that's funny, because every time I pick up this sledgehammer, I feel like I want to hit you with it too. Really hard."

- Sylar, Peter

"I had a little trouble with the government lady... playing some cat and mouse, but mouse got away."

- Eli (to Samuel)

Character Appearances


  • The Wall is the 17th chapter in Season Four. Just as in Season One and Season Three, episodes Company Man and Cold Wars retrospectively, Noah is held hostage and black and white flashbacks reveal parts of his past. This time, Damian uses his ability to show them on mirrors.
  • During Claire's conversation with Samuel, the wound on her neck disappears for a second before returning the next time the camera pans to her.

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