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Portrayed by Jake McLaughlin
First appearance Into Asylum
In-story stats
Known ability None

Sligo drinks tequila at the cantina in Pátzcuaro, Mexico.

Character History

Into Asylum

Sligo, Bernie, Hess, and Rahul party in a cantina in Pátzcuaro. Nathan approaches the four of them and offers to engage in a tequila-drinking contest. Sligo's friends lose out quickly, but Sligo manages to get 22 shots down before Nathan collapses. Sligo claims victory, but Claire offers him a rematch for all the money, plus Nathan's watch, and insists that she can catch up. As she matches his total, Sligo wonders why she seems so sober, so she giggles and feigns drunkenness. They talk a little, with Claire explaining how Nathan tries too hard to please her, and Sligo saying that Nathan seems like a decent guy, and that he understands because his parents are divorced too. Before Claire can correct his misunderstanding, Sligo passes out and falls to the floor, waking his drunken friends and allowing Claire and Nathan to leave with their winnings.

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