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Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 8

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Slow Burn, Part 8
Webisode number: 28
First released: November 16, 2009
Slow Burn, Part 8.jpg
Written by: Foz McDermott
Directed by: Chris Hanada
Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Slow Burn, Part 7
Next Webisode: Slow Burn, Part 9
Samuel welcomes Lydia's daughter Amanda into the fold.



Samuel officially inducts Amanda into the carnival. As he does this, Lydia and Edgar watch with worried looks. Later, Lydia and Edgar try to convince Samuel that the carnival isn't safe for Amanda. Lydia says that Amanda deserves a normal life, but Samuel retorts that it should be Amanda's decision. Lydia says that she's making the decision for Amanda, since she's her mother. However, Amanda appears from behind and says that Lydia has no right to say such a thing, since she hasn't been much of a mother to her. Conversely, Samuel has been more of a parent figure since Amanda arrived. Amanda flatly states that she is going to stay at the carnival.

Memorable Quotes

"We are like family here."

"Not all of us."

- Samuel, Edgar

"So now you choose to be my mother! Samuel has already been more of a parent than you!"

- Amanda (to Lydia)

Character Appearances

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