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Spoiler:The Hard Part

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The Hard Part
Season: One
Episode number: 121
First aired: May 7, 2007
Unaired episode.jpg
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This article contains archived spoilers about The Hard Part. See the main article to see how they panned out. For general spoilers about upcoming episodes, see Spoiler:Heroes.

NBC Blurb

As Nathan and his family ready for the election, Hiro and Ando face the hard part of saving the world -- Now knowing what's at stake if they fail in their mission, Hiro and Ando's determination to save the world is put to the test. Committed to the path, Nathan takes some surprising steps to guarantee his election. Jessica and D.L. begin to learn how their family fits into Linderman's plans. Thompson brings someone new into his company's fold. With more and more blood on his hands, Sylar visits his mom.

Published Spoilers

  • 5/4 -- According to Issue #933 of Entertainment Weekly, Sylar confesses to his mom that he's a murderer and so his mom tries to kill him.
  • 4/23 -- According to Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski in Week 19 of Behind the Eclipse: "We'll see a little tease of Sylar's freezing power in episode 20, Five Years Gone, but it ain't nothing compared to what we see him do with it in episode 21, "The Hard Part."
  • 04/23 - "The audience will become more conflicted about Sylar and begin to care about him as the show goes along," Kring teases. "Don't assume you know everything about him." TV Guide
  • 04/23 - Ellen Greene will appear as Sylar's mother; Molly Walker will return. (NBC episode description)
  • 04/10 - Curious about what makes Sylar tick? Tim Kring told Kristin Veitch that in episode 21 "we learn about his home life and where he came from, and after that episode, your opinion of him may change." Watch with Kristin
  • 03/19 - The climax to season one will be built in a small arc consisting of the last three episodes of the year. These episodes will bring together all of the characters in New York City. (Sci Fi Wire)

Fan Theories

  • The Company has a new tracking system called the Walker System which happens to be Molly, a clairvoyant.
  • Hiro may help Sylar change his past instead of killing him.