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Spoiler talk:Shades of Gray

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i like the title. i would have preferred Morally gray though. - Tristan0709 20:48, 5 December 2008 (EST)

  • If this episode introduces Sylar's father (John Glover), the title makes perfect sense. "Shades" (as a plural) may be alluding to more than one member of the Gray family. Revengeance 03:39, 17 December 2008 (EST)
    • It does include his father alright, so I agree with your assumption. I have to ask, what the reasons behind the Charles' Deveaux theory are? User:Pete Petrelli 19:08, 21 December 2008
  • What was the reason for the crazy Simone clone theory in 3.14/3.15? Theories are crazy! -- TracyStraussFan