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Moral ambiguity

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Moral ambiguity
Under orders, Mr. Bennet shoots his friend and partner Claude, who is believed to have been hiding an evolved human.

In Heroes, both normal humans and people with extraordinary abilities often must make morally ambiguous choices. These choices are sometime trademark of "anti-heroes".

The following is a list of:

  • occurrences when a character or characters is/was/are/were confronted with a moral dilemma or dilemmas.
  • moral choices made by characters.
  • references and admissions by characters of moral ambiguity.
  • discussions by characters on morality.

This list is intended to report, not to make judgments.

Memorable Quotes

"I'm comfortable with morally gray."

- Mr. Bennet (to Thompson) (Company Man)

Season One Recurrences

Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap


  • Niki is forced to seduce a politician to pay a large debt.
  • Hiro and Ando cheat at gambling at the Montecito Casino to earn extra money.
  • Mr. Bennet kidnaps Nathan Petrelli.
  • After Brody's attempt to rape her and accidentally 'murdering' her, Claire attempts to injure Brody by crashing his car.


  • Mr. Bennet has certain memories removed from Brody's brain.
  • Ando stalks Niki, ending up at her house.

Better Halves

Nothing to Hide

Six Months Ago

  • Eden McCain breaks the law, and prevents Matt Parkman from doing his job.


  • Eden gives Isaac a pass card allowing him escape from Mr. Bennet in order to change the world.
  • Eden attempts to use her power to have Sylar commit suicide, however, her plan backfires and she kills herself in order to keep Sylar from obtaining her power.
  • Mr. Bennet abuses the Haitian's powers.
  • The Haitian does not follow Mr. Bennet's orders and asks Claire to keep a secret.


The Fix

  • Micah steals to provide for his family.
  • Kaito Nakamura abducts Hiro and Ando.
  • Matt lies to save his job.
  • Claire and her father continue lying to each other.



  • Hiro and Ando impersonate hotel employees and trespass in order to help a seemingly distressed showgirl.
  • Nathan offers Meredith some money, but wants nothing to do with his daughter.
  • Meredith offers Claire money, but only a quarter of the full amount.
  • Matt does not turn some diamonds over to the authorities so he can solve a mystery.


Company Man


  • Hiro steals the sword from Linderman's archives.
  • Isaac returns to drug use.
  • Jessica lies to D.L when he confronts her with a picture of Nathan Petrelli.
  • Mr. Bennet lies to his superiors, and desires to take the Company down.


  • Linderman proposes to "heal" humanity by using a tragic event that will kill millions to unite the billions who remain. Less than .07% casualties is an acceptable loss.
  • Candice appears to be Niki and kidnaps Micah.

Five Years Gone

The Hard Part


How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Hiro kills, or at least attempts to kill, Sylar.

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...


The Kindness of Strangers

  • Micah using his power to steal a pay-per-view wrestling match.

The Line

Out of Time

  • Mohinder accuses Bob of being "morally gray".
  • Mohinder is unable to distinguish between what is right, and what is wrong.
  • Matt traps Maury in his own nightmare using telepathy.

Cautionary Tales

  • Again Mohinder states to Bob that he cannot distinguish between right and wrong and that he is unable to pick a side.
  • Mohinder kills Noah to protect Bob and Elle.
  • Noah and Bob each kidnap the other's daughter.
  • Matt uses his ability to take advantage of the minds of Molly, Fuller, and Angela.

Truth and Consequences

  • Mohinder chastises Noah for his irrationality in trying to take down the Company and defends their efforts to help people. Later, however, he reveals his knowledge of Strain 138 to Bob and criticizes the actions of the Company.
  • Maya defends Sylar for "accidentally" killing his mother based on her own experience killing Alejandro's wife.
  • Peter and Hiro, formerly allied to save the world from catastrophe, now find themselves opposing each other based on each of their experiences with Adam Monroe.

Season Three Recurrences

The Second Coming

One of Us, One of Them

I Am Become Death

  • Peter takes Sylar's ability in order to change the future.

Cold Wars

  • Noah Bennet tells Angela that he's always been fine with morally gray.


An Invisible Thread

  • Noah and Angela convince Matt to use his ability to wipe out Sylar's memories and replace them with Nathan's memories.
  • Six weeks after the events that take up the majority of the episode, Tracy Strauss seemingly reappears and drowns a former Building 26 agent.

Season Four Recurrences

Orientation or Jump, Push, Fall

  • Danko asks Bennet, "What did you do, grow a conscience?"

Once Upon a Time in Texas

  • Hiro changes the past by saving Charlie's life in what might be considered by some (and initially by Charlie) as "selfish."
  • Samuel kidnaps Charlie and blackmails Hiro into helping him undo a mistake he made "8 weeks ago."
  • Noah considers having an affair with a co-worker.

Brother's Keeper


  • It is the stereotypical bad-turned-good guy versus bitter revenge-seeker. It is hard to determine whether the true victim is Noah for Rebecca's attempted attacks or Rebecca for Noah murdering her father.


The Fifth Stage

  • A carny scams an arrogant customer but helps a little girl.
  • Peter forces Sylar to become Nathan again in order to get his brother back after crucifing him, but the attempt fails ultimately as the remnanant of Nathan gives up.

The Art of Deception

Heroes Reborn Recurrences

Project Reborn

Graphic Novel Recurrences

Recurring Themes edit

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