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Cold Snap.jpg


Favourite Heroes quote:

"While you've been busy playing Abu Ghraib, I've been trying to make ice in an oven. This is a breezy 68 degrees, and I've worked up one hell of a cold snap"

Tracy (to Noah) (Cold Snap)

My favourite/least favourite episodes:

Volume One
Favourites - Better Halves, Company Man, .07%
Least favourites - None!

Volume Two
Favourites - Kindred, Four Months Ago..., Cautionary Tales
Least favourites - Lizards, The Line

Volume Three
Favourites - Angels and Monsters, Eris Quod Sum, Our Father
Least favourites - Villains, The Eclipse, Part Two

Volume Four
Favourites - Trust and Blood, Shades of Gray, Cold Snap
Least favourites - 1961, I Am Sylar

My top 10 favourite Heroes characters (a top 5 is just not enough :)):
10. D.L. Hawkins
9. Noah Bennet
8. Isaac Mendez
7. Micah Sanders
6. Niki Sanders/Jessica
5. Elle Bishop
4. Angela Petrelli
3. Monica Dawson
2. Candice Willmer
1. Tracy Strauss (the clue's in my name)

My 5 least favourite Heroes characters:
5. Alejandro Herrera
4. Claire Bennet
3. Mohinder Suresh
2. Maya Herrera
1. Luke Campbell

My top 5 favourite Heroes actors:
5. Zachary Quinto
4. Cristine Rose
3. Kristen Bell
2. Missy Peregrym
1. Ali Larter

My 5 least favourite Heroes actors:
5. Tawny Cypress
4. Sendhil Ramamurthy
3. Dania Ramirez
2. Hayden Panettiere
1. Dan Byrd

My top 5 hottest Heroes actresses:
5. Dana Davis
4. Kristen Bell
3. Hayden Panettiere
2. Dania Ramirez
1. Ali Larter