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So I'm finally back! :D For real this time. haha. The Hunted has come back with me, and I will be releasing the episodes every Thursday until the first season is complete. (As of right now, there are 11 episodes total in the first season, but that might change; I'm still thinking about it :P) Anyways, glad to be back, and I hope everyone comtinues to enjoy The Hunted! --Skullman1392 23:47, 22 April 2010 (EDT)

So anybody who has been watching the spoiler page for The Hunted knows that while I recently said there are only 11 episodes in the first season, the spoiler page says that the 12th episode will be the finale. I thought I owed whomever a little explanation: I originally wrote episodes 8 (Sanctuary) and 11 (not yet released!) as one episode. However, I realized I there was more I wanted to do with the story of Max, Scott, and Alex, so I expanded it and split it into two separate episodes. I hope you like it this way and I hope you like the rest of The Hunted as we enter the final 3 episodes of Season One! --Skullman1392 12:34, 1 May 2010 (EDT)
Powers Telekinesis & Telepathy
Sex Male
Home Chicago
Favorite Heroes quote "Keep doing what you're doing, Rebel. Now go! ...And Micah! Stay ahead of the ice." --Tracy Strauss
Favorite quote "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
Favorite episode I love them all :D
Favorite graphic novel Rebellion!!!
Favorite sport Water Polo
US I am from the United States

The Hunted

I'm currently in the process of creating a new fanfic which revolves around a group of teenage friends who all have special abilities. The majority of the story line will take place during "Fugitives." This is an idea I've had since before "Fugitives" even began, and was originally set in a different, non-Heroes world, but I'm so anxious to get it off the ground and onto someplace real, I've decided to try and adapt it to the Heroes world to see if people would like it. It is called "Heroes: The Hunted"... What do you think?

Finally done creating the main characters and their abilities...

Now to start writing haha

So, I have all of season one planned out. It will just be difficult to split it into episodes, but I'm working on it. Also, I don't know if I'll be able to keep a regular schedule for adding episodes, hopefully a new episode will come out every Friday, but we'll see...

P.S. Season One begins The Hunted "in media res" (that's Latin for "in the middle of things", essentially); basically what this means is that The Hunted will start in the middle of a bigger story... relationships will have already been established or broken, there is more to know about the characters, how they meet, how they discover their abilities, etc. In Season One, they already know about their powers. Season Two will be a big "Flashback" season, if you will, and that season will introduce the characters as they learn of their abilities and other things. So I hope no one is too confused, and if you are, I hope things will get cleared up in Season Two :D

The first episode of The Hunted is out!

Notes to Self

Update the following Character Pages:

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Do you really believe that you're a true Heroes fanatic? see how you do on my quiz: Think you love Heroes?

NOTE: This was made before it was revealed that Sylar could fly. Keep that in mind when you take it ;D

Fan Fictions I'm Reading

1) Chronicles
By: AgentJordan and Joshuakorolenko
(This was the first Fan Fiction I started reading, I even created a character that became a main character in the second season, sadly it seems the authors will not be coming back to the site to finish the series.)

2) Caitlin's Revenge
By: Tanderix
(I have only read the first season I believe, but I have yet to read the second. While sometimes the language is a little tricky, I like the whole idea of finding out what happened to Caitlin.)

3) Heroes:The Company
By: Jenx222 and Mc hammark
(A very cool idea, getting to know ALL the founders and their introduction to The Company.)

4) Untold Tales
By: Mc hammark
(Very well written, and I like where the story is placed (in the midst of Villains for season 1 and in the earliest days of The Company for the planned season 2.)

5) Heroes: The Game
By: Radicell
(I always thought a Heroes video game would be very cool, and I love the way this is written. Can't wait for more missions.)

6) The World Entire
By: CreedogV
(One reason I love this is because since it is set in an alternate future, anything is possible and everything can be believable.)

7) Heroes Legends
By: Catalyst
(A very interesting series, it's a shame it seems to have been discontinued.)

8) Cockney Heroes
By: AgentJordan, Altes, Danko, Gabriel Bishop, Irony, Joshuakorolenko, Leckie, and Radicell
(I can't believe I hadn't read this Fan Fic sooner, it is great and it is believable since the canon Heroes world hardly touches England.)

9) Visions of Earth
By: Leckie and Danko
(One of the newer fan fics, but definitely an interesting one! Can't wait to see where it goes!)

The one thing I love about Fan Fics is that I get to pretend these stories actually occur in relation to the canon Heroes world, like there is so much more to it than what we get in the Show/GNs/Webisodes/iStories. So needless to say, my favorite Fan Fics can be placed right along with the canon stuff and fit everything in perfectly.

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Gone But Not Forgotten...

Come Back!

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