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Steven T. Seagle

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Steven T. Seagle
Steven T. Seagle.JPG
Title Graphic novel writer
Origin Biloxi, MS, USA
Gender Male
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Steven T. Seagle is a graphic novel writer.


Steven T. Seagle has been a writer for many comic books including Alpha Flight, Batman: Black and White, Green Lantern: Brightest Day | Blackest Night, Justice League Quarterly, Superman, Vertical and X-Men.

Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Duncan Rouleau formed Man of Action Studios, a Development/Production House dedicated to writing, conceptualizing, and developing work of exceptional quality, commercial viability, and explosive creativity. Along with Man of Action, Steven also wrote several episodes of the animated television show Ben 10.

Additionally, Steven is part of the creative team behind the play N*gger, Wetb*ck, Ch*nk from Speak Theater Arts.


  • A press release covered by Media Week announced that Steven T. Seagle along with the rest of the Man of Action team were given the go to write new chapters of the Heroes graphic novels throughout the summer of 2007.


  • Steven T. Seagle was nominated in two years for Best Writer in the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. In 1995, he was a nominee for his work on Sandman Mystery Theatre [DC/Vertigo]; and in 1999, both for his work on Oni Double Feature [Oni Press] and for his work on Sandman Mystery Theatre [DC/Vertigo].

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