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David Wohl

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David Wohl
David Wohl.jpg
Title Graphic novel writer
Date of birth 10 April 1967
Origin New York, NY, USA
Gender Male
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David Wohl is a graphic novel writer.


Besides writing Heroes graphic novels, David Wohl has worked on many comics. He began as an intern for Marvel, rising to assistant editor for such comics as Spider-Man and X-Men. David was then promoted to Managing Editor at Marvel, working on the Hellraiser and G.I. Joe comics series. David left Marvel in 1993 to become Editor-in-Chief and Executive Vice President of Top Cow Productions, eventually becoming President in 1999. There, he co-created Aphrodite IX, Darkness, Witchblade, The Innocents (with cover art by Jason Badower and Annette Kwok), and other Top Cow projects.

Besides writing, David Wohl also gained experience as a television, film and video game producer in association with Top Cow Productions. He was a producer for TNT's Witchblade television series (2001-2002), and developed scripts for series The Ten (2007). In film, he helped create the script for The Project (2008). David also writer of Hot Wheels: Velocity X and Darkness Level video games.

After leaving Top Cow Productions, David became Tiger Hill Entertainment's Creative Director in 2003, overseeing their many properties. He left Tiger Hill in 2005 to form Titan Productions with Brad Foxhoven--a franchise-building company devoted to working with Hollywood talent to create titles based in video games as well as other media. David is currently the Vice President of Development for Blockade Entertainment, an animation company devoted to using videogame engines and assets to create shows based on existing videogame titles as well as completely new concepts. Error: String exceeds 50,000 character limit.

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