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Okay, so I noticed during some of Sylar/Nathan's dialogue, he says things that are very similar to the things that Linderman said to Nathan during .07%, especially the parts about the world being united in grief, then being just united. I'm wondering if this indicates that either, Sylar was just going off of Nathan's memories of Linderman (assuming that he can access his vicims' memories), or that Linderman was, perhaps, one of his victims. Or am I just reading too much into this? Joser Kyind 17:03, 1 May 2007 (EDT)

  • At present, there's no way to tell. Nathan may simply have made a lot of speeches about the incident uniting the nation after the Explosion, and Sylar is just following Nathan's lead. It's quite possible that Linderman died in the explosion, since he took Micah to New York to fix the election, and Micah is known to have died in the explosion. --Ted C 17:12, 1 May 2007 (EDT)

Induced Radioactivity?

Do we have proof that Future Sylar had acquired Ted's power? Puff0rx 09:18, 26 May 2007 (EDT)

  • Mhh you got a point. The fact is people added to the Known Acquired Powers section powers form latest episodes. That shouldn't been have done. Actually, future Sylar is Sylar as we see him in Five Years Gone, and not how Sylar will become in the episodic timeline. So as far as Sylar doesn't use induced radioactivity in 5YG, we can't say future Sylar acquired this power. The fact he killed Ted in Landslide tells us he NOW has this power but we shouldn't confuse future Sylar and "how Sylar will become in the future. Future Sylar as we saw him in 5YG WON'T ever exists, so how could he have induced radioactivity ? I hope it's clear. And ... Am I right ? -- FrenchFlo (talk)        10:06, 26 May 2007 (EDT)
    • The whole world believed Sylar was the bomb, but Peter admitted to being the bomb in Five Years Gone. Sylar never demonstrated the power and was never the bomb in any timeline. Even in String Theory, FHiro says Sylar was the bomb, but he may have been misled just like the rest of the world. Though FSylar may have had Ted's power, he never demonstrated it, and there's enough evidence that he may not have had it. I'm not ready to include it here. — RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 10:20, 26 May 2007 (EDT)
      • Aye, it is a little confusing--but I think there are three timelines: In the first timeline (the one before Hiro messed with it), Sylar is the bomb, not Peter cause Peter is dead (after meeting Sylar in Mohinder's apartment). But after Peter saves Claire (timeline 2), Peter is able to survive his combat with Sylar and becomes the bomb himself. In timeline 3, Hiro stops Sylar from further-provoking Peter and gives Nathan enough time to get him high enough that he wouldn't cause damage to the city. The Sylar we see in FYG is Sylar (future timeline 2) [induced radioactivity power unconfirmed]. We never see Sylar (future timeline 1) [with induced radioactivity power], but I think we should note him.--MiamiVolts (talk) 10:58, 26 May 2007 (EDT)
        • Just a general note we should try to keep speculation to a minimum in the articles concerning what we've never actually seen in the other timelines since we really can't and shouldn't extrapolate what might have happened in each one. We don't know who the bomb was in the original timeline for instance, we were never told and there's no way of knowing exactly how events would have unfolded had Future Hiro not delivered the message to Peter. I'm not sure if we've got speculation in the articles right now, but we need to make sure we don't start making assumptions. (Admin 11:08, 26 May 2007 (EDT))
          • True, but we do know for sure that the Sylar (future) covered from the article is from timeline #2 so that should be noted.--MiamiVolts (talk) 11:13, 26 May 2007 (EDT)
            • Exactly. I was just throwing out that statement to make sure we don't start assuming too much in general about things that have happened in other timelines that we didn't actually see. :) (Admin 11:15, 26 May 2007 (EDT))
        • I don't think Peter was killed by Sylar at Mohinder's apartment in the original timeline where Claire died because Future Hiro knew him (he said he looked different without the scar), and Future Hiro's memories are of the original timeline. I just think Peter probably didn't become involved at all pre-explosion, because his visit from FHiro was the impetus for everything (finding Claire, meeting Isaac, stopping Sylar, stopping the explosion)--Hardvice (talk) 12:02, 26 May 2007 (EDT)
          • Ok, I added the note and left my speculation about Peter's death out of it. Peter had already met Mohinder and Isaac pre-explosion. In my latest theory about the original timeline, Peter never saves the cheerleader but does meets Claude who scars him when they fight/practice--cause Peter wouldn't have tk or regeneration powers. Hiro and Ando continue on to NYC and meet Peter at Isaac's loft. Peter has the scar and tells Hiro about when he met Mohinder on the subway. Later, Peter goes back to Mohinder's apartment and averts being killed by Sylar because Hiro is with him. It does make more sense for Peter to live in timeline #1 since FHiro knows Peter/Niki are together in timeline 2.--MiamiVolts (talk) 12:33, 26 May 2007 (EDT)

Zach's voice.

Was it really Zach's voice that we heard before Hiro and Ando jumped through time? I was kind of under the assumption that it was Mohinder, giving his all to hold back the door, what with the battle still raging the moment Hiro and Ando left. DannyP 19:52, 26 May 2007 (EDT)

  • I assumed it was Mohinder when I first saw the episode. I deleted the note since it's very speculative anyway. (Admin 21:34, 26 May 2007 (EDT))

Why isn't he dead?

Future Hiro told Ando and his Alter Ego from the past, that he stabbed Sylar, but due to Claire's regeneration ability, he didn't die. This is why Hiro went back in time, to assign Peter with the task to "save the cheerleader". Well, Peter saved Claire in his timeline, which led to Claire being alive in the Dark Future. So - why is Sylar still alive, then? Hiro stabbed him, as he told his counterpart, but why didn't Sylar eventually die? He shouldn't have been able to regenerate, since he never was able to take Claires enhanced cell regeneration. This is kind of a paradoxon.

  • At the end of the Season One finale, Sylar's body is gone and a sewer manhole is left open. Looks like Sylar was rescued by someone.--MiamiVolts (talk) 12:48, 25 September 2007 (EDT)
    • That's actually one of the cleverest tricks they pulled off--the dark future could technically still come to fruition. Nathan could get his act together, become President, get eaten by Sylar, and we're almost back where we were--minus the explosion, and therefore (currently) minus the mass hysteria about evolved humans. But Future Hiro's journey back to visit Peter shows that just because you solve part of a problem, it doesn't necessarily go away completely.--Hardvice (talk) 17:50, 28 September 2007 (EDT)


I don't think it's right to list precognition as an ability Future Sylar possesses. Hiro and Ando had time-traveled prior to the death of Isaac, so they could have landed in a future where he didn't get being killed. Hiro himself brought up this possibility at the beginning of Five Years Gone. None of what Sylar does in the episode is consistent with him being capable of foreseeing future events. He wouldn't have given Mohinder a chance to turn against him. And he probably would have found Claire a lot sooner using Isaac's ability.

This is not a trivial point. If Isaac wasn't killed by Sylar in the dark timeline, then it means his self-sacrifice is essential to averting it. That in turn explains his actions in .07%. Why would he think, after all, that he "finally get to be a hero," just as he's handing his ability over to Sylar? The least he could have done is shoot himself in the head. We know he had both the time and mean to do it. And if we look at the latter episodes, we see that it was Sylar's possession of precognition that would lead to the "correct" outcome. Without that, probably would skip town upon seeing the painting of the floor. No final confrontation with Peter Petrelli. No getting stabbed by Hiro. Peter somehow blows up on his own account. In the end, the dark future.--Borowki 09:22, 28 September 2007 (EDT)

  • I think it turned out the main factor in preventing the Dark Future from coming to fruition was Nathan's choice to help Peter instead of helping himself and thereby saving the city. Looking at the events that transpired it appears many of them may have occurred in the same fashion had Future Hiro never delivered the message to Peter except that Claire would have been dead. It looks like in any timeline Isaac was going to die. I personally think the fact that he didn't appear to be using precognition in the future was just something that the writers didn't include as it wasn't important to the story they were trying to tell, but who knows. I'm not exactly saying whether I think the power should be removed or not, this is just my take on the situation as it unfolded. (Admin 16:30, 28 September 2007 (EDT))
    • I agree. I don't think we can say with any certainty that Future Sylar didn't kill Isaac, but it's a good point that, since Isaac died after the split, we can't confirm that he does have the ability. IMO, it should be removed, and a note added explaining that Future Sylar didn't display Isaac's ability, yada yada yada.--Hardvice (talk) 16:39, 28 September 2007 (EDT)
      • Agreed. The section does say "Known Acquired Powers" afterall and since he didn't have it prior to the episode and didn't demonstrate it in Five Years Gone we definitely can't assume he got it. (Admin 16:45, 28 September 2007 (EDT))
  • Nathan's decision obviously matters. But I don't think it makes sense to say others can choose while Issac is bound to die at the hands of Sylar. He definitely could have chosen to act otherwise, but didn't. Forefeeing what that could lead to is one way to explain it. --Borowki 14:21, 29 September 2007 (EDT)
  • As for Isaac getting to be the hero--the most obvious way, from his dialogue and his earlier actions in the episode, is that he had completed the last issue of 9th Wonders!, which is what ultimately saved Hiro's bacon in the dark future. And it's possible that Sylar didn't get to use Isaac's power much because it's a bit tough for the President of the United States to casually slip into a trance and paint prophetic pictures. It's not something he could use a whole lot without arousing suspicion or risking getting caught, though he could no doubt slip off now and again and make a sketch or two. And then there's the argument that present-day Hiro and Ando's presence in the Dark Future bolloxed up the timeline--after all, we know the prophecies can be de-railed. Paintings he made before Hiro and Ando turned up wouldn't show Mohinder turning on him, for example, because but for the presence of present-day Hiro and Ando, Mohinder wouldn't have done so. In any case, Future Sylar's possession of Isaac's power can neither be confirmed nor refuted.--Hardvice (talk) 16:47, 28 September 2007 (EDT)
    • Isaac had plenty of time after the last issue of 9th Wonders was shipped off. Remember his comment about Sylar coming late? He was waiting for the guy. If it was his prophecies that'd eventually help save the world, then why would he let Sylar acquire the power of prophecy? Issac has no reason to think he can use his power better than Sylar can. If one can draw those events, so can the other. --Borowki 09:22, 29 September 2007 (EDT)
  • I think Sylar still killed Isaac, because Isaac finished writing the last issue of 9th Wonders! in the very same episode. Hiro wasn't there to stop him from writing the last issue, but the comic was still found by Future Mohinder. Consequently, Sylar still found Isaac, and still killed him, as Hiro was not there to stop him from doing that either. --DocM 09:49, 29 September 2007 (EDT)
  • When Hiro first went forward in time and actually saw the explosion, he also saw Issac dead in his loft with his brain removed, I would say that is very strong evidence that Sylar did in fact take Issac's power in this timeline. Also Future Hiro is using Issac's loft as a hideout and Issac is no where to be seen --User:D_Toccs 19:08, 12 December 2008 (EDT)

Removed from Notes

I removed the statement that Sylar might not have existed in the future due to season 1's finale... since we now know for certain that Sylar survived Kirby Plaza and Hiro's sword :)

  • Good call to remove that. I would say that bullet should never have been there, since it's pretty obvious that the future will not unfold at all like what we saw in "Five Years Gone", and none of the FYG versions of the characters will exist. --Ted C 15:20, 25 October 2007 (EDT)

Rapid Cell Regeneration

I know this sounds stupid, but we never see Future Sylar use Claire's regeneration power. I know that he killed her, but he never uses the power on screen. Should it be there?

  • The chances of sylar killing claire and not taking her power are almost zero, so i would still list it...

Illusion is speculative, ShapeShifting is canon

I think we should remove Illusion and replace it with Shapeshifting. From what I remember, Illusion was only speculatively presumed because of Sylar's switcheroos in 1x20. However, at the time the only power we were familiar with that could do this was Candice and Illusion. However, there was never any proof that Sylar met Candice before she died to get her power...contrarily, Sylar in season two wanted to get her power but never succeeded. Now knowing that Sylar has acquired Shapeshifting, and in just one episode has sped up the change to be very quick, we have more evidence that he shapeshifted and did not have illusion. --HiroDynoSlayer (talk) 04/7/2009 09:42 (EST)

  • That was a different future. It's my personal opinion that the story will go into a future quite similar to that, but I think in that future, it was Illusion Sylar had. Firstly, it looked like Illusion more than Shapeshifting, Sylar changed his clothes too in Five Years Gone, something he can't do with shapeshifting, as that is a physical thing, not a mental thing like illusion. Also, it was mentioned that Homeland Security took in Candice in that future, so its likely Sylar then took her power. - Super-Hiro
    • Yeah, Sylar mentioned that a "girl named Candice" allowed him to become president. They also used the same sound and visual effect that they use when Candice "morphs". -- Psilaq R.- \m/ -_- \m/- 10:47, 7 April 2009 (EDT)
      • 'nough said....I had forgotten that line. I agree. --HiroDynoSlayer (talk) 04/7/2009 12:00 (EST)
        • Plus shape-shifting hadn't even been introduced then. At the time, Shape-shifting didn't "exist". -Vampirate68 | Talk | Contribs | 09:29, 26 October 2009 (EDT)

Power of Phasing

Do we know for a hundred percent that Sylar took Phasing ability from DL? I guess it's presumed that way but that doesn't make it true right? Should we change it to "Unknown Victim" or something like that? Or do we have a confirmation from one of the writers (or someone else) that he indeed took that from DL? We know that he took Illusion from Candice, he says it. And since he is impersonating Nathan, he most likely killed him and got his power. But DL? It might even be a power he had but never used (from one of his earlier victims) or just another phaser.--Sekobro (talk) 17:28, 7 October 2015 (EDT)

  • Yes, two writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite) confirmed that Sylar kills DL and takes his phasing ability. It was in one of the Behind the Eclipse Q&As, but I can't find the link ... and I think the link is dead anyway. But the short answer is yes, it was confirmed by writers. Good question, though! :) -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 21:48, 7 October 2015 (EDT)
    • Thanks for the reply ^^. I don't know why but the moment I read it I started to laugh remembering "OMG! They killed Kenny."--Sekobro (talk) 05:57, 8 October 2015 (EDT)