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New webisode checklist

see also current graphic novel, current graphic novel checklist, current episode, and current episode checklist jump to table of contents

Webisode Updates

Webisode article:
___ Webisode screencap
___ Monologue
___ Summary
___ Story Development
___ Synopsis
___ Quotes

Update/add other articles:
___ Webisode redirect:
___ Check that links from previous webisode work
___ Check that previous webisode's navbar links to this webisode
___ Update CurrentWebisode
___ Update Portal:Webisodes
___ Update Template:Webisodes
___ Update Template:Ep
___ New interviews and videos
___ Update director, writer, etc. pages
___ Add
___ Update template:imagenav
___ Update template:image-screenshot

Update Main Page:
___ Template:aotw-web
___ Next on Heroes
___ Template:Index

___ Update songs
___ Archive (change "released=")

Character Updates

Update Main Character pages as appropriate
___ (list characters who appear here)

Update Group pages as appropriate
___ (list groups who appear here)

Update character-related pages
___ Appearances
___ Connections

Character/Reference/Powers Updates

Update other character pages as needed
___ Update Portal:Minor Characters as appropriate
___ (list characters who appear here)

___ Update Portal:Webisodes Characters as appropriate
___ (list characters who appear here)

Add new character/group pages as needed:
___ (list needed characters/groups here)

___ Update Portal:Guest Cast as appropriate
___ (list actors who appear here)

Add new actor pages as needed:
___ (list needed actors here)

"Despoil" new characters and actors who already have articles:
Be sure to add appropriate non-spoiler categories!
___ (list characters and actors that need to be "despoiled")
___ despoil spoiler images, update source, etc.

Add references to appropriate recurring themes:
___ (list themes referenced here)

Add examples of Powers used:
Note: if an "examples" page exists, that's where examples should be added.
___ (list powers displayed here)

Miscellaneous Updates

___ (list other articles to update here)
___ (list new articles here)
___ Update Portals as needed

World Locations
___ (list locations to update here)
___ (list new locations here)
___ Update Portal:World Locations

___ (list places to update here)
___ (list new places here)
___ Update Portal:Places

___ Update timeline

Update templates as needed
___ Template: Webisodecast
___ Template: Webisodecrew

New Images

Get screencaps:
___ Webisode title (650x365)
___ Webisode lead image (300x169)

New characters (200x250):
___ (list new characters)

New groups (450x350)
___ (list new groups)

New Events/Items/Things/etc. (450x350)
___ (list new articles)

New locations (450x350)
___ (list new articles)

New places (450x350)
___ (list new articles)

All powers used (450x350)
___ (list used powers)


When a new webisode airs, steps will be necessary to update existing articles and add new articles as needed. An easy way to make sure nothing is missed is to copy and paste the following into the new webisode article's talk page and check off tasks as they are completed.

|title=<!-- Webisode title, no prefix -->
|prev=<!--OPTIONAL Name of previous webisode-->
|next=<!--OPTIONAL Name of next webisode-->}}

Fill in any needed articles for new characters, minor characters, new plot points, etc.

Mark off characters/plot points/etc which do not appear with "n/a"

Mark off other steps as completed with an "X"

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