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This article archives published interviews with Heroes cast and crew members.

Heroes Wiki Interviews

Subject Role Date Link
Chuck Kim Writer and Graphic Novel Author 1/4/08 Read it
Nate Goodman Director of Photography 1/8/08 Read it
Adam Armus and Kay Foster Supervising Producers and Writers 1/15/08 Read it
Joe Tolerico Project Manager of Heroes Evolutions 1/18/08 Read it
Tim Kring creator 2/9/08 Read it
Micah Gunnell Graphic Novel artist 2/15/08 Read it
Robert Atkins Graphic Novel artist 3/28/08 Read it
R.D. Hall Graphic Novel writer 4/8/08 Read it
Mark Sable Graphic Novel writer May 08 Read it
JG Roshell Comic Book Letterer 6/21/08 Read it
Mike Foy Guest Cast (Convenience store robber) 7/16/08 Read it
Sally Champlin Guest Cast (Lynette) 7/16/08 Read it
Kevin Tostado Director of Photography 8/7/08 Read it
Alex Fernandez Guest Cast (Captain Baldwin) 8/10/08 Read it
Roberto Sanchez Guest Cast (Costa Verde officer) 8/10/08 Read it
Debra McGuire Costume designer 8/12/08 Read it
James Ryen Guest Cast (Agent 1) 8/24/08 Read it
Shalim Ortiz Supporting Cast (Alejandro Herrera) 8/24/08 Read it
Kavi Ladnier Guest Cast (Mira Shenoy) 9/11/08 Read it
Jimmy Jean-Louis Supporting Cast (the Haitian) 9/14/08 Read it
Timm Keppler and Jim Martin Into the Wild Writers 9/16/08 Read it
Mark Riccardi Stunts 10/2/08 Read it
Simon Rhee Stunts 10/2/08 Read it
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine Supporting Cast (Usutu) 10/23/08 Read it
Adam Armus and Kay Foster Destiny Writers 12/13/08 Read it
Joshua Rush Guest Cast (Young Gabriel Gray) 3/5/09 Read it
Tom Inkel iStory Writer 3/26/09 Read it
Timm Keppler and Jim Martin The Recruit Writers 4/1/09 Read it
Tom Inkel iStory Writer 5/23/09 Read it
Timm Keppler and Jim Martin Nowhere Man Writers 5/28/09 Read it
Chris Hanada and Tanner Kling Nowhere Man Directors 6/19/09 Read it
Zach Craley, Oliver Grigsby, Foz McDermott,
Jim Martin, Chris Hanada, and Tanner Kling
Slow Burn Creative Team 12/22/09 Read it
Tanner Kling and Chris Hanada Dark Matters Producers 8/20/15 Read it Interviews

These interviews were released prior to the premiere of Heroes. All but Jesse Alexander's are also available on

Subject Role Link
Jesse Alexander Co-executive Producer and Writer Read it
Greg Beeman Co-executive Producer and Director Read it
Greg Grunberg Main Cast (Matt) Read it
Tim Kring Creator Read it
Ali Larter Main Cast (Niki Sanders) Read it
Jeph Loeb Writer and Co-executive Producer Read it
Masi Oka Main Cast (Hiro Nakamura) Read it

Weekly Updates and Greg Beeman's Blog both feature a regular weekly interview with Heroes writers Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski (for CBR, entitled "Behind the Eclipse"), and director/producer Greg Beeman in which they answer questions about the show.

Heroes Season Three CBR Beeman's Blog
Pre-Season 3 CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 1 (The Second Coming) n/a Beeman's Blog
Episode 2 (The Butterfly Effect) n/a Beeman's Blog
Episode 3 (One of Us, One of Them) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 4 (I Am Become Death) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 5 (Angels and Monsters) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 6 (Dying of the Light) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 7 (Eris Quod Sum) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 8 (Villains) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 9 (It's Coming) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 10 (The Eclipse, Part 1) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 11 (The Eclipse, Part 2) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 12 (Our Father) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 13 (Dual) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 14 (A Clear and Present Danger) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 15 (Trust and Blood) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 16 (Building 26) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 17 (Cold Wars) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 18 (Exposed) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 19 (Shades of Gray) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 20 (Cold Snap) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 21 (Into Asylum) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 22 (Turn and Face the Strange) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 23 (1961) CBR Beeman's Blog
Episode 24 (I Am Sylar) CBR

Beeman's Blog

Episode 25 (An Invisible Thread) CBR

Beeman's Blog

SFX Collection

SFX is a British magazine which publishes articles about science fiction and fantasy. The August 15, 2007 issue of SFX Collection was completely devoted to Heroes, featuring interviews with many members of the cast. SFX is not published online, so the following links are to scans of the articles.

Subject Role Title Links
Adrian Pasdar Main Cast (Nathan Petrelli) Flying Solo page 1 · page 2
Masi Oka Main Cast (Hiro Nakamura) Hiro Worship page 1 · page 2
Hayden Panettiere Main Cast (Claire Bennet) Being Ms Invincible page 1 · page 2 · page 3
Cristine Rose Supporting Cast (Angela Petrelli) Tough matriarch page 1 · page 2
Zachary Quinto Main Cast (Sylar) Super Bad page 1 · page 2 · page 3
Sendhil Ramamurthy Main Cast (Mohinder Suresh) Mr Exposition page 1 · page 2
Jack Coleman Main Cast (Noah Bennet) Born Survivor page 1 · page 2
Malcolm McDowell Supporting Cast (Linderman) Bad Medicine page 1 · page 2
Greg Grunberg Main Cast (Matt Parkman) Sixth Sense page 1 · page 2

Miscellaneous Interviews by Date

The following interviews have appeared at various other sites.

Subject Role Source Date Link
Masi Oka Main Cast (Hiro Nakamura) Matt's TV News 1/3/10 Read it
Dawn Olivieri Supporting Cast (Lydia) The Inside Trekker 1/4/10 Read it
Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Robert Knepper and Ray Park Cast (Claire Bennet, Hiro Nakamura, Samuel Sullivan, and Edgar) Marty Flanagan's Blog 2/5/10 Read it
Robert Knepper Supporting Cast (Joseph Sullivan) Comic Book Resources 2/8/10 Read it
Tim Kring Executive Producer AV Club 2/8/10 Read it
Jack Coleman Main Cast (Noah Bennet) The Inside Reel 2/9/10 Watch it
James Kyson Lee Main Cast (Ando Masahashi) BuddyTV 2/17/10 Read it
Greg Grunberg Main Cast (Matt Parkman) 3/1/10 Read it