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Episode:Project Reborn

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Project Reborn
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 513
First aired: January 21, 2016
Project Reborn.jpg
Written by: Tim Kring
Zach Craley
Directed by: Jon Jones
Previous episode: Company Woman


Story Development

Hammer · Gemelli · Distruttore


Memorable Quotes

"By now, you all know of the dire circumstances our planet faces. The first of two very powerful solar flares is set to arrive momentarily. For those who fear this is the end, I assure you: it is anything but. In fact, for those of us here in Gateway... this is just the beginning. Each and every one of you has been handpicked. As promised: an invitation to Gateway is indeed an invitation to the future. All of you are now pioneers, the first generation of what will become a new and improved world. The devices you are wearing on your wrists, are now active, signifying the launch of what we are calling Project Reborn. In less than thirty seconds, the real work begins. For those among you who have made personal sacrifices, we extend our collective gratitude. Your bravery, your skills and your shared commitment are the commodities upon which we will build a lasting future for generations to come. On behalf of everyone at Renautas, I thank you for your sacrifice. I welcome you, to our brave new world."

- Erica's presentation to the Gateway residents.

"This is not your fate, it's mine. I cannot be forgiven for the things that I've done, but you saved my life and I have got to believe there is a reason for that."

- Luke prepares to buy Malina time.

"There is a new Master of Time and Space imprisoned in the fortress!"
"This is our final mission. Come on!"

- Ren and Miko reunite for a final mission.

"Miko, I'm here... and I know Japanese?"

- While calling out to Miko, Tommy makes a surprising discovery.

"I'll never forget you Katana Girl!"
"I have a feeling we'll meet again."

- Ren and Miko say goodbye.

"Save you, save the world."

- Tommy paraphrases Future Hiro while explaining how to stop the H.E.L.E.

"What do we do?"
"Take me back to Gateway. To the end of the world."

- After discovering a painful truth Tommy and Noah decide how to proceed.

"There's gotta be another way!"
"You two have your destiny. This is mine. It's time to save the world."

- Tommy and Noah as they prepare to save the world

"I'm... so proud of. So proud..."

- Noah's last words, spoken to his grandchildren

Character Appearances


  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by 3.832 million people, which represents a 0.05% drop in viewership from the previous episode. Of note, this episode was live viewed by one million people in the highly desired 18-49 age bracket, which is the lowest viewership in this demographic for the entire season of Heroes Reborn.
  • When Quentin and Malina head for the Odessa Clock Tower, it reads 11:18 am despite the digital clock in the hospital with Carlos, Farah, Jose and Micah reading 11:37 am minutes before. Through the clock tower scene, the clock continues to show a time earlier than in the previous scene in the present.
  • Quentin shoots Phoebe three times but she appears to have four bullet holes before she falls from the tower.
  • After Quentin shoots Phoebe, the slide on his gun clicks open as seen when he turns to check on Malina. When he leans over the railing, the slide is closed again, then it's open when he walks to the window.

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