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Theory:Agent (electric manipulation)

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The following fan theories are about the electric manipulation agent.

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Theory Citations Notes
The electric manipulation agent from Walls is related to Elle. None + They have a similar power.

- With the exception of Matt and his father, most of the Heroes families appear to inherit only the ability to have a power, and end up generating a different power than their parents.

How do we know that Claire isn't secretly Adam's daughter? Or that West Rosen and her weren't somehow switched at birth (making West Nathan's son) Both things that could not be put past the Company.

+ It could be that if only one parent has a power, the child inherits a form/variation of their parent's power.
- To date, no character introduced in the graphic novels has later been revealed to have a "hidden connection" with another character. In fact, rarely do the graphic novel characters appear in subsequent graphic novels or even receive episodic mentions.
- In Primatech Files Part Seven, Zimmerman mentions the boy. It could easily be the agent.

It most likely was the German, who has a history with Zimmerman and appears to have been adopted by him, from the way things look.
The agent's actual power is electromagnetism. None + Electromagnetism would account for the electricity, and would also explain his ability to levitate, by using diamagnetic forces to repel himself above the earth.
- Electric currents are able to generate magnetic fields.
+ Then why didn't Elle ever demonstrate that particular aspect of the ability? She demonstrated electric manipulation for around 20 years and the company experimented with her since she was a child.
- Just because it wasn't shown, it doesn't mean she couldn't do it.
- Elle wasn't exactly the poster girl for mental health, maybe she never cared for developing her powers in non-offensive ways.
+ It would have helped her in job as a company agent if she ever had to chase someone. Given that her job was basically all she had to live for, it would've greatly behooved her to learn this technique.
- According to Elle's First Assignment, Part 1, her first field job (at least he first solo job) was to monitor Claire in days prior to Homecoming, while she still lived in Odessa, Texas.
- Maury had telepathy for quite some years, yet he never developed the ability to see into the future with it, his son did.
- Matt didn't develop the ability naturally, it was given to him by Usutu. It isn't the same.
Matt did develop precognitive abilities naturally by experiencing a spirit walk. Had Maury experienced it too, he could have developed them as well.

+ Although his power may be the same as Elle's, electromagnetism would explain how he levitated.

The agent's real power is an ability allows him to use other abilities. None + This would explain hovering and electricity, he could have more than one power.
- The effects of his ability are perfectly explained by said ability.

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