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Theory:Ando Masahashi

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The following fan theories are about Ando Masahashi.

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Theory Citations Notes
Ando will be promoted to Executive Vice President of Yamagato Industries. None + His best friend is the CEO of Yamagato Industries.

- His interest in heroes and Kimiko may lead him to work at the Yamagato Fellowship instead.

+ There is no reason he cannot be Vice President of both Yamagato Industries and Yamagato Fellowship.
Ando does not actually have power augmentation. His ability falls more along the lines of energy manipulation, which includes power manipulation as an unintentional byproduct. The first manifestation of Ando's ability did not result from him touching Matt or Daphne. + Ando's red lightning also affects people without abilities.
+ Ando could be manipulating whatever is manipulated by all people with abilities.
A la the Star Wars prequels' midichlorian debacle.

+ When Ando first manifests his artificial ability, it begins as random sparks of red energy jumping off of his hands.
The reason it augmented Matt's ability may be because when Matt grabbed Ando, the energy increased Matt's energy output, which in turn increased the potency of his ability.
+ This could also be true for Daphne when she grabbed Ando, the energy jumped off of him and into her.
If Future Ando has the same power as present Ando, then power manipulation, in the form it has been shown via the graphic novels and the actual show, may not be able to be done remotely.
Ando simply couldn't handle his new ability at first. Besides, after injecting himself he wasn't shown touching (or being touched by) other evolved humans without affecting their abilities.

Ando is an orphan. None + He said Kaito was like a father to him.
He could be from a single parent family, living only with his mother.

- He could have had a bad relationship with his father, Hiro only managed to have a good relationship with his father later in life.
Charles Deveaux used to say Peter was like a son to him. That simply meant Charles loved Peter.

Ando will marry Kimiko. None + Kimiko was impressed with him, for standing up to her ex boyfriend.

+ Before he died, Kaito was also impressed.

+ Hiro is Ando's best friend, and Ando had been like a brother to him.
+ Ando has not had a romantic relationship despite a crush on Niki.
+ Kimiko and Ando are dating thanks to Hiro.
+ Ando has already proposed and she said yes.
Ando will become evil. None + Ando is with Kimiko now, so he may abandon his "heroic" destiny, something which would certainly frustrate Hiro. This may lead to the end of their friendship.
- Hiro was happy to see that Ando was with his sister. He even expressed the idea of Ando and Kimiko getting married.
+ Hiro once traveled to the future and saw himself get killed by Ando. Now that Hiro changed future events again by making Ando and Kimiko date, chances are that Future Ando may return differently with a new motive to kill Hiro for some new reason.
- Future Ando killed Hiro because he worked for Pinehearst, he was there to take the formula, and he only attacked Hiro when he had no other choice left.

Hiro is known for changing future events. This change he did for Ando and Kimiko can change their relationship with Hiro. We don't know for sure what else changed.

- Nothing else seems to have change, there were no significant changes other than Ando and Kimiko's relationship.
That's because we need more episodes to see if this theory is true.
Notable changes to the timeline are shown immediately, "Heroes" has always done that, no reason to change it now.
Ando will help Hiro find Charlie. None + Ando could call Claire or Peter to ask about Hiro and come to the carnival. This way he could supercharge Hiro and they could return to when Charlie was taken by Arnold.
- Hiro can now time travel on his own.

+ Hiro could teleport to a pay phone and call Ando and ask for help.
+ Kimiko will want Ando to help Hiro.

Ando will lose Kimiko due to keeping secrets. None + Kimiko was shocked to discover Hiro's power.
- Shock doesn't necessarily leads to a break-up. He hasn't had his ability for such a long time, and he wasn't at Japan when he got it, so he wouldn't have been able to tell her that.

+ Kimiko could get angry because Ando never revealed his power or told her about Hiro's illness.

- If anything, Kimiko will be angry because she wasn't told who killed her father and why. And the fact the killer was also killed later could ease that.
- Ando tried to tell Kimiko about his and Hiro's powers, but she didn't believe him.

+ Finding out her little brother buried the killer alive in the same cemetery as her father and Ando didn't tell, might cause them to break up.

- She should be angry at Hiro then, because it's rather Nakamuras' business.
Ando will help another character to defeat Samuel. None + Ando's supercharging ability could help a powerful evolved human compete with Samuel's power (after he gathers enough evolved humans at the carnival).
Ando will help Hiro to defeat Samuel. None + Hiro mentioned saving Watson. This could be a reference to the audience about Ando, who is Hiro's sidekick.

+ Hiro also said "beam me up Scotty", which could be a reference to Ando supercharging Hiro's ability.

Ando is the person that Samuel is after. None + Ando's ability, if used on Samuel, would make Samuel even more powerful that he already is. Since Samuel is already more powerful due to the evolved humans that are in close proximity to him, using Ando's ability would make him unstoppable.
- Samuel can control earth. This doesn't make him unstoppable, only very dangerous.
+ Samuel can multiply his power exponentially with several evolved humans around him, and Ando can multiply his ability a thousand times more. If he were to reach that level of power, he would be, for all intents and purposes, unstoppable.
Ando will help Peter absorb more than one ability. None + The formula reverted Peter's original ability to its simplest form, if Ando supercharges his new ability, theoretically it could become stronger than empathic mimicry.

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