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Theory:Ando Masahashi (exposed future)

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The following fan theories are about Ando Masahashi (exposed future).

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Theory Citations Notes
Future Ando has a power more powerful than Hiro. Future Hiro was killed by Ando in a possible future (The Second Coming) Ando seemed to take Hiro by surprise; this doesn't necessarily indicate a higher level of power.

+ It did apparently kill him instantly.
Ando's ability and Hiro's ability are completely different - Ando's ability is offensive while Hiro's is not. They are not comparable.

Future Ando is not really Ando, but rather someone mimicking him using Illusion. The illusion ability has been seen many times from the future + Future Peter uses this ability in the present.
Future Ando is a hero and future Hiro is evil. None + Ando looked sad that he had to take Hiro out.
- He may not have been "taking Hiro out". He may have been augmenting Hiro's power (if he has it back yet) for an unknown reason.

+ Although it isn't certain about the nature of Pinehearst Company, in the future Ando works for them, and so far they have been the good guys (in the future, that is), by taking down terrorists.
+ Future Ando killed (or simply attacked) Future Hiro with red lightning. In Heroes, red color symbolizes good guys.

- He was probably helping Hiro, not attacking him.
When has red been associated with good guys?
Daredevil, Spiderman, etc there are a lot...
In Heroes. Almost every good character has been shown wearing red: Nathan's tie, Claire's cheerleader's uniform (in Volume One), Peter's T-shirt under his white jacket and so on. Unlike them, Sylar, Linderman, Adam and Arthur never wore red clothes.
- Nathan doesn't look like he's in the good guy territory anymore.
Nathan hasn't worn red recently...

- If Hiro were evil, he could have easily killed Ando first. The fact that he didn't freeze time and slice Ando in half gives reason to believe that Hiro is still a good guy.

+ Hiro did attack first.

+ Hiro may not have got his powers back.

We will never be given an explanation for why this version of Ando attacked Hiro. None + It hasn't been mentioned for a long time, and that particular plot seems to have been dropped entirely.

- It was pretty clear why Ando attacked Hiro - he demanded the formula and blasted Hiro in self-defense.

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