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Theory:Charlie Andrews

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The following fan theories are about Charlie Andrews.

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Theory Citations Notes
The Haitian visited Charlie and erased some of her memories. None + In Seven Minutes to Midnight, she says that she had started only a week before reading the Japanese phrase book she received for her birthday six months earlier. In Six Months Ago, she started using the book right away. Altering her memory may have interfered with Hiro's efforts to save her — even though he bought her a ticket to Japan, her memory of being told to leave was erased.

+ Someone (not necessarily The Haitian, others have been seen to manipulate memories, notably Matt Parkman) must have changed her memories or somehow compelled or convinced her not to tell Hiro of their prior meeting. Hiro must have actually traveled to the past of the "original" timeline, as Ando, who had not traveled back in time saw the picture on the board, showing that past actually did happen. Supporting that, Hiro's trips to the past have always demonstrated that his actions were predestined and affected the "main" timeline (the picture in the Diner, and Adam remembers him). So either her memories were rewritten without Hiro in them, or she was intentionally hiding them from Hiro when he first entered the Diner on his personal timeline.
- Short of Hiro meeting The Haitian in the future, winning his trust and being given a way to prove himself to The Haitian in the past so that he could convince him to go and erase Charlie's memory, there's no way this scenario could work.
- It is possible that Hiro simply remembered Charlie enjoying learning Japanese and went ahead and bought her a Japanese book himself.
- It seems more likely this was a writers discrepancy. It's common when dealing with time travel.
- If somebody from the Company visited Charlie, they would bag and tag her, and she would end just like Matt Neuenberg.
Why would someone erase Charlie's memories, especially those related to Hiro?
- The events of Once Upon a Time in Texas imply that Charlie simply never met Hiro before he time traveled the first time to save her.

Charlie knew of her impending death in the changed time line. She simply did not acknowledge that she already knew Hiro when they "met for the first time". She accepted her death at the hands of Sylar because she was going to die of the blood clot anyway, and Hiro allowed her to experience love before she died. Ando doesn't remember anything differently. (Six Months Ago) + The events of the novel "Saving Charlie" pretty much confirm this theory. Hiro told Charlie about her impending death and the two spent Charlie's last night alive making love before Charlie went in to work, with Hiro waiting until after his past self left to save Charlie in order to "return".

- Charlie never knew Sylar would come after her.
+ Hiro may have warned her (or she may have puzzled out for herself) that any recognizance of Hiro could cause a paradox and wreak unknowable havoc.

Hiro's time traveling did change the "present", as evidenced by the changed picture from Charlie's birthday. The events of the novel "Saving Charlie" pretty much confirm this theory. Hiro told Charlie about her impending death and the two spent Charlie's last night alive making love before Charlie went in to work. + Hiro does not know what happened in the changed timeline; Charlie could well have known who he was. In fact "Saving Charlie" suggests that Charlie feigned ignorance.
- Past Hiro only appeared on Charlie's photo after future Hiro told him to go to the past.

+ Charlie ends up living as a grandmother.

Charlie lived to be older than 90 because her ability kept her mind healthy. None + In Brave New World, Charlie said that her mind was healthy, but it was her body that was failing.

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