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The following fan theories are about the compass.

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Theory Citations Notes
Sylar will fix the compass. None + He has the ability which helps him in repairing broken things.
The compass might not actually be broken, maybe it only responds to evolved humans.

+ Sylar appeared in Lydia's tattoo, proving at least that Samuel will be looking for him.
- Samuel gave the compass to Tracy, and it seems to work fine.

The compass is related with Claire's wind chime somehow. None + Both are obviously related with evolved humans. One calls an evolved human and other only works with evolved humans.
Certain compasses work for certain people. None + In Orientation, just before Samuel threw Joseph's compass in his grave, it did not move.

+ However, Samuel's compass worked for him. So maybe only Joseph's compass worked for him. And maybe the compass in Danko's bank account works for only Peter (a reason why Samuel wanted him).
The compass Samuel threw in Joseph's grave and the one Edgar retrieved are the same compass.

No, they are two separate compasses.
Samuel sends Edgar to kill Danko, saying, "Get the compass back and kill the son of a bitch... It's what Joseph would've wanted". This implies Danko stole the compass from Joseph's grave.
Maybe Danko is responsible for Joseph's death and took the compass off him at that point and Samuel threw his own compass into the grave in the absence of Joseph's own one.
Why would Samuel get rid of the only remaining compass he had?
It wasn't the last one he had, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to give Tracy one.
Someone at the carnival has the ability to imbue objects with supernatural abilities. None + This would explain the compass' erratic behavior and significance.

- Mohinder built his own compass.

The compass can detect the force between evolved humans Chandra Suresh discovered in Coyote Sands. None + It would explain why it seems to work only with evolved humans.

+ If the compass pointed Tracy towards the carnival, it would make sense, as there are lots of evolved humans there, Chandra said that when evolved humans are near each other, the force is magnified. It could work like a magnetic pole for the compass.

The compass is a symbolism of moral ambiguity. In one interview, Sendhil Ramamurthy states that Mohinder's "moral compass" always points North. + Moral ambiguity is a trademark of the show.
- The compass is morally disambiguous as Samuel states that it hides the carnival from "people like you".
The compass points to Samuel Sullivan. None + Mohinder was lead to the carnival by the compass.

+ The force emanates from and between all evolved humans. Analogous with magnetism, the compass points long 'field lines' of this force. As Samuel's power is proportionate somehow to this force, it could be argued that he is somehow drawing the force from those around him to him, making him the 'magnetic North' of the special force.
It only appears to work in the hands of an evolved human. Perhaps it treats them as the 'magnetic South'.

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