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Broken Compass.jpg
Noah holds the broken compass.

First mentioned: Orientation
Owned by: formerly Joseph Sullivan,
formerly Emile Danko,
Samuel Sullivan,
Noah Bennet,
formerly Becky Taylor,
Tracy Strauss,
Mohinder Suresh,
Claire Bennet,
Emma Coolidge
Current status: Multiple owners

The mysterious compasses are used to lead evolved humans to Sullivan Bros. Carnival.



At Joseph Sullivan's funeral, Samuel throws a compass into his brother's grave.

Jump, Push, Fall

Noah takes a key from Danko's belly and uses it to open a safety deposit box at the New York Federal Bank. Inside the box, Noah finds a compass that doesn't seem to work. Outside Mercy Heights Hospital, Peter holds the compass, and it spins wildly. Later, when Peter rushes to help a reported stabbing victim, he finds it is Noah who has been stabbed by Edgar who then took the compass. Edgar gives the compass to Samuel.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Samuel tells Edgar to retrieve the compass. He watches Noah and Peter outside of a hospital with the compass, then tracks down Noah, slashes through him with one of his knives, and takes the compass.


Noah collects pictures of compasses in his apartment. He reads an article in The Journal about a compass that "changed the world".

Strange Attractors

At the carnival, Samuel gives Tracy a compass and tells her to use it if she accepts his invitation to join the family. After leaving Noah, she contemplates the spinning compass, and it stops, points her north.


Noah finds a compass in Becky's apartment, later he asks Samuel what the compass is used for, Samuel says that it's used to hide the carnival from people like Noah.

Later, Noah hangs several articles, including one from The Journal, on the wall of his apartment.

Brother's Keeper

Nine weeks ago, Mohinder watches a film of his father's calculations that includes basic plans for a compass. Mohinder then makes his own compass and uses it to find Samuel at Sullivan Bros. Carnival.


Joseph tells Samuel that he gave a compass to a government man, to come and take Samuel away.

Claire looks through the news clippings that Noah had been collecting about the compass and Samuel's activities.

Later, she tells Gretchen they have a couple of days and she wants to find out where the compass leads. They leave, following the compass' arrow.

The Fifth Stage

Noah considers the board where he has newspaper articles on the compass pinned up. He realizes the compass is missing and Claire took it.

Graphic novel: Bloodlines, Part 2

Joseph gives Danko a compass, stating that it can only be used by an evolved human. Danko states that it wont be a problem.

Upon This Rock

Samuel gives Emma a compass after she helps him find Ian Michaels. Samuel says that the carnival could always do with a doctor and a siren. Emma thanks Samuel for his gift.

Let It Bleed

Sylar returns to the carnival and thanks Samuel for providing him with the compass earlier.

Later, Emma shows Peter her compass (the one that Samuel had given her). Peter is enraged and tells Emma to stay away from Samuel.

At Noah Bennet's apartment, Noah, Lauren, and Edgar discuss ways of finding the carnival. Lauren remarks that Claire has a compass, and Noah angrily says that seeking Claire's compass is not an option.

Close to You

Matt and Noah are in hot pursuit of Vanessa and Samuel, and follow them via GPS. However, suddenly Vanessa's blip disappears, confusing Matt. He asks Noah how the carnival is found, and Noah replies that one needs a compass to find the carnival.


Mohinder makes a self-made compass; when he finishes it, he gives it to Noah.

The Art of Deception

A compass can be seen on Noah's table in Noah's apartment.

The Wall

In a flashback, Noah approaches Gretchen about Claire and tells her that he knows Claire took his compass.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

In the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds a broken compass.



Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Compass for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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