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The following fan theories are about the curandera.

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Theory Citations Notes
The healer was a telepath. None + The same sound effect was used when she was "healing" Maya as when Matt is using his power (Lizards)
The healer had some sort of diagnostic ability. None + She seemed to know what was "ailing" Maya.

+ Her ability may work in a similar way to Sylar's intuitive aptitude, as she may not only know the dangers of Maya's ability but also details of it. In a regular disease she may be able to know what is happening with the sick people and the best way to cure it, like Sylar did with Chandra's watch in Six Months Ago.

The curandera's power is empathy. She could physically feel both Maya's emotions and her power. (Lizards) + She seemed to be temporarily absorbing Maya's power into her own body.
The curandera's power is a form of healing. None + She would not have a career as a healer if she did not have some kind of healing ability.
- She may have been a charlatan trying to make money.
+ If she wanted money, she would not have targeted two broke, hopeless fugitives.
- Presumably, Maya and Alejandro weren't the only people she treated.
The curandera's power is clairsentience. None + She could have seen the past of Maya, which would allow her to understand more about her "curse".

- Clairsentience can't heal anyone; why would a healer use it?
It´s unknown if clairsentience can be used on people.
+ Sylar now has clairsentience and says that when he touched Claire he could feel the pain he caused her, could be saying that clairsentience can be used on people. (Angels and Monsters)

The curandera's ability is health optimizing. None + The curandera's "diagnosis" of Maya's ailment is consistent with what is known about Maya's ability. The accuracy of her statement suggests that the curandera may be an evolved human with a power of her own.

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