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Theory:Echo DeMille

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The following fan theories are about Echo DeMille.

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Theory Citations Notes
The agent with the ability to absorb sound is actually Echo's twin brother. None + We have already seen that twins may have opposing abilities: Maya can infect people with a poison while Alejandro can heal this poison. It makes sense that Echo can produce sounds while the agent can nullify sounds.

- They don't look alike.

Twins do not have to look alike.

- They are of different ethnicities.

Fraternal twins can appear to be from different ethnicities.

- He would have recognized a sibling.

Angela and Echo knew each other from before the events of Going Postal. Angela meets Echo in Going Postal, Part 3. + Angela says to Echo "You always were the mouthy one", which suggests that they had some sort of relationship in the past.
- This may just be a humorous remark about his power.

+ The Haitian could've erased the encounter from Echo's memory, he has links to Angela Petrelli.
Being gagged, he couldn't say anything that could give any light about this question.
+ The company monitors evolved human activity and is quite possible that Echo has a parent or family member who also possess abilities.

His name has a greater meaning than mere coincidence. Someone might know what power he would have before it manifested. When Angela meets Echo in Going Postal, Part 3, she repeats "Echo" three times. + He has a power that has connotations of his name, Echo.

+ The Company monitors evolved human activity and is quite possible that Echo has a parent or family member who also possesses abilities.

Echo is Charles Deveaux's son. None + Angela seems to know who Echo is, as she says "welcome home". This could mean welcome back to the Company, as his father is a founder, therefore it is like a second home.
Echo is related to Jesse Murphy. None + Echo and Jesse have the same ability.

+ Echo is listed (through his assignment tracker profile) as having a younger brother named Jesse who "...joined the military as well [like Echo's older brother] but was discharged during boot camp and was soon picked up the first of what would be a long series of misdemeanor and felony arrests".
- Jesse's Assignment Tracker profile states 'Jesse's adolescent years were marked by a variety of misdemeanor arrests ranging from petty theft to drug dealing and street brawling' and 'By the age of sixteen Jesse left home permanently, finding work as a runner in the Las Vegas casino circuit'. Seeing as he's busy through out his early life, he wouldn't be able to take up army boot camp.

Maybe he didn't go of his own free will.

- Also Jesse's profile says he only has his mother and sister for family, no mention of a brother.
+ Their profiles don't exclude them from being related in some other way. Perhaps they are half-brothers.
+ Both Echo's brother Jesse and Jesse Murphy were picked up for "misdemeanor arrests".

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