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Theory:Fire breathing

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The following fan theories are about Fire breathing.

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Theory Citations Notes
Fire breathing is merely a partially developed form of pyrokinesis. None + The two are both based on producing fire.

+ Fire breathers may not be fully aware of their potential, or only use their abilities for the Carnival and don't need any other aspects.

- The Bowman family joined the Carnival after spending years running away from "normals" who were determined to kill them. If their ability was not developed to its fullest, Chris and Gail would have been killed before their arrival.

- Pyrokinetics were never shown to breath fire.

+ That doesn't mean they couldn't.
- It implies they can't.
- Meredith was only shown to shoot fire from her skin.

- When Chris first manifested, he exhaled in bliss - and set his date's hair on fire. This implies that breathing was the trigger for his ability, not concentration (as with pyrokinesis).

Fire breathing and pyrokinesis are two variants of some kind of 'root' ability. None + Both abilities involve fire. The same way a species can evolve in ways a new species can appear, it's possible evolved human abilities, fruits of evolution, also follow that pattern.
Fire breathing has some secondary usage which has not yet been displayed. None + If this were true, then it would help differentiate fire breathing from similar abilities like pyrokinesis.

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