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Theory:Future Hiro's message

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The following fan theories are about Future Hiro's message.

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Claire's survival was necessary to save the world, because she's the one who changes Nathan's mind to save Peter from exploding. If Claire wasn't alive, Nathan would have just let Peter explode instead of flying him up into the sky to explode. If Sylar had killed Claire, he would have gotten her power and Nathan would have never changed his mind about the bomb and Peter exploding. Even if he did change his mind, Sylar would have regenerated, so before Nathan could fly Peter out of there Sylar might have stopped them or killed them, taking their power and becoming too powerful for anyone to stop him. None - It is clear in String Theory that Hiro thought that saving Claire would prevent Sylar from being able to regenerate after he was stabbed. Hiro thought that if Sylar didn't have that power, then he would have been killed and there would have been no explosion. Claire probably did affect Nathan's judgment, but that's not why Hiro told Peter to "save the cheerleader".

If Nathan hadn't have flown Peter away, he could still have been shot, but Claire may have been the only person able to get close enough to do it, so she would have been required either way. On the other hand, there appeared to be ample time to shoot Peter before his emissions became dangerous, as evidenced by he, Nathan and Claire being able to have a fairly long conversation before either Nathan or Claire suffered any immediate damage.
Hiro's mission from the future was based off of mis-information. Everyone except Nathan and Peter were under the impression that Sylar had exploded. So it was logical to assume that if he was not able to heal, the sword thrust would have killed him and prevented him from exploding.

Claire's life isn't the the thing that needs to be saved, Claire needs to be saved from going to 'the dark side'. None This would be an interesting plot development for character.

+ She has done some bad things but had good intentions for it, if she were to do bad things for no good purpose she would be virtually unstoppable.

- Claire has admited that she has a spot that "shuts [her] down".

Virtually, and it would only make it harder for them to kill her since she knows the spot and will likely to take measures to keep it from getting hit.
+ In Dual, Claire stabbed Sylar in the head with a glass shard. This is the first time she has committed a murder. And her motivation was largely a consequence of being attacked by Sylar in One of Us, One of Them. This could indicate the beginning of a slippery slope.

+ When Brody Mitchum tried to rape (and accidentally "killed" her), she took revenge, hospitalising him through a car crash. Claire has proven herself willing to hurt those who hurt her. If the future takes a path that puts her at constant risk, she may start retaliate against any who cross her. By averting this path, it could yet be possible to save the world.

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