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Sexual assault

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Sexual assault

Brody struggles to force himself on Claire, resulting in a major accident.

First reference: One Giant Leap
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Sexual assault, including rape, is the serious crime of forcing an unwilling person to participate in sexual activity.


One Giant Leap

At a party after a football game, Brody Mitchum walks off alone with Claire Bennet. They kiss, and Brody attempts to go further. When Claire tries to put the brakes on their physical relationship, he attempts to rape her. In the struggle, she falls and her head is impaled on a tree branch.

Graphic Novel:Aftermath

After Brody's attempt to rape Claire, she crashes her car to teach him a lesson.


Having seen Claire leave the party with Brody the previous night, Lori Tremmel asks Claire about the incident and reveals that Brody raped her. The two victims watch Brody develop a relationship with a possible future victim.

The Butterfly Effect

Sandra encourages Claire to talk about her attack by Sylar, but Claire is vague about the details. Sandra begins to ask Claire if Sylar did something, and Claire responds "No, it wasn't that."

Flint states that he wants to "have some fun" with Elle after she is knocked out in a fight with Sylar.

One of Us, One of Them

During the robbery of the First Federal Bank of New York, Flint threatens to rape a female teller after she goes to set off an alarm, until Peter (in Jesse's body) forcefully stops him.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Samedi brings a young woman into a hut with the intention of raping her, but is stopped by the Haitian, who, taking advantage of the absence of his brother's powers, knocks him out.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Eric Doyle uses his ability to force a woman into having sexual intercourse with him, most likely against her will.


Carlos reads a bogus newspaper article in the Los Angeles Times that says there was an anonymous report about a woman being raped. The faulty report report was filed by Eugene Pakowski.

Company Woman

Erica Kravid is sexually assaulted and coerced into having sex with her father's doctor. Erica becomes pregnant from this encounter.

Heroes Evolutions

A Long Way from Home

Laina Jacobsen recalls her abusive stepfather, who would "prey on her, stroking her arm, pinching her, hugging her." One night when he slipped into her bedroom, Laina hid from him until he went away.


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