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Theory:Impenetrable skin

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The following fan theories are about Impenetrable skin.

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Theory Citations Notes
The mysterious force that runs through evolved humans is what makes Samedi's skin impenetrable, rather than some genetic distinction. None + The depowering eclipse negated that force, making Samedi's skin vulnerable.
- As far as it is known, Samedi had no evolved humans near him to cause that force to increase, and in turn make his skin impenetrable.
+ His ability could work by simply channeling his own "superhuman field" effect.
The power could work by manipulating that force to alter the surface tension of Samedi's skin, making it become incredibly hard when struck.
+ If Samedi's skin was truly impenetrable (in other words, incapable of being forcibly altered from its base state), then he would be unable to move. If his body could alter its surface tension somehow, it would explain his ability.
Users of this ability also possess enhanced strength. None + Humans can only use a fraction of their physical strength because the human body can't take the strain without suffering severe damage. Because people with this ability are basically indestructible, they have no need to limit how much strength they can use. Also, this ability keeps the user in perfect physical condition, and the combination of that and not needing to limit their strength to how much the human body can take would grant them enhanced strength.

- Even if they could use 100% of their physical strength, they still wouldn't be as strong as someone with the power of enhanced strength.
+ They may not be as strong as someone with enhanced strength, they would still be stronger than most humans.

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