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Baron Samedi

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Baron Samedi
Baron Samedi.jpg
Portrayed by Demetrius Grosse
First appearance The Butterfly Effect
In-story stats
Known ability Impenetrable skin
Formal name Unknown
Alias Baron Samedi
Place of birth Haiti
Home a village in Haiti
Occupation Warlord
Parent Guillame (deceased)
Sibling René (half-brother)

"Baron Samedi" is the alias used by a warlord in Haiti who escaped from Level 5. He is the half-brother of René, and is an evolved human who has impenetrable skin.

Character History

The Butterfly Effect

After Elle's electrical outburst shorts out the electrical grid on Level 5, Samedi escapes from his cell.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Nathan and Peter Petrelli travel to Haiti, seeking help from The Haitian. When they arrive, the Eclipse occurs, rendering their powers unusable. After walking through the rain forest, The Haitian appears and tells them that he is trying to stop his brother, Baron Samedi. Samedi used his power to make people believe he is a Vodou god, and then built an army ruled with fear. It was stated by Peter that he was involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping and slavery.

Suddenly, Baron Samedi and his militia start firing on Peter, Nathan and The Haitian. Peter and The Haitian escape, but Nathan gets caught by Samedi's militia. Nathan starts speaking in French to Samedi telling him that he is an American named Nathan Petrelli, but Samedi interrupts Nathan calling him "Senator Petrelli" and tells him that Arthur had warned him that they were coming. Nathan asks Samedi what his father told him, and he responds by hitting Nathan across the face with the butt of his gun, knocking him out. Samedi then says that Arthur told him to "be [him]self."

The Eclipse, Part 2

Samedi had Nathan chained up and locked in a prison, with two sisters who will be sold as slaves, or otherwise serve Samedi. He pays Nathan a visit in his cell, and tells him he can't stop him, as he is just a man. He then takes one of the girls into a hut with the intention of raping her, but is stopped by his brother who knocks him down. After Peter, Nathan and The Haitian have taken down all his men, Samedi comes to them and tells them he is a god, and they can't kill him. Nathan flies into him and crushes him into a car, but he stands up, unharmed due to his impenetrable skin. The Haitian comes to him, and clamps his hand on Samedi's head. Samedi tries to reason with his brother, but The Haitian renders him unconscious.

Building 26

Samedi's photo is seen on the wall of targets in Building 26.

Heroes Evolutions

Samedi's Assignment Tracker 2.0 file (file: C010; password: BSprs98ex) at contains a personal history about Samedi:

Assignment tracker photo

Little is known about "Baron Samedi" but records indicate that he is the brother of company agent "The Haitian." Samedi was formerly in detention at Level 5 but managed to escape back to his homeland of Haiti. Once there he was able to use his power to sway the Haitian Vodou followers into believing that he was a demigod. He currently presides as the dictator of a growing faction in Haiti prone to violence and growing in political stature.

The case file also include a psychological profile:

A full psychological profile was not conducted on Mr. Samedi although observations indicate that he is a violent, unstable, and egomaniacal individual.

Evolved Human Abilities

AT diagram Samedi.jpg

Baron Samedi has impenetrable skin, which grants him a greater resistance to physical injury than an average human. His skin is a virtually indestructible armor, impenetrable by bullets, blades, or any other known weapon. When flown into a car by Nathan, Samedi is able to stand up unscathed. According to his assignment tracker profile, Samedi's control index is 82%. His data analysis show his biological level at 80, cerebral at 45, elemental at 15 and temporal/spatial at 25.

It should be noted that after Samedi recovered from being thrown into a car, he moved stiffly at first. (The Eclipse, Part 2)

Cranial imaging

Memorable Quotes

"His followers think he's a god."

"Then I say we make him bleed."

- The Haitian, Peter (referring to Samedi) (The Eclipse, Part 2)

"Others believe that names grant great strength."

"Is that why you call yourself Baron Samedi? So people will worship you like a god?"

"Is that why you took the title "Senator"?"

- Samedi, Nathan (The Eclipse, Part 2)



  • Baron Samedi (French for "Baron Saturday") is a figure in the Haitian Vodou religion. As Peter says in The Eclipse, Part 1, the original Baron Samedi is one of the aspects of Baron, the Loa of the dead. He is a sexual Loa, noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum.
  • Several pop culture figures go by the name "Baron Samedi", including a Marvel Comics character, a James Bond villain, and a British rapper.

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