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Theory:Ishi Nakamura

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The following fan theories are about Ishi Nakamura.

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Theory Citations Notes
Ishi is still alive. None + Many people thought to be dead in this show have actually come back to life.

- It's only Sylar, Tracy and Adam who came back from dead, they were unconfirmed deaths. Others, who were killed, confirmed dead by doctors and buried, never returned.
+ Arthur was confirmed dead by a doctor, though he was mentally manipulated.

- The doctor was never implied to have been manipulated by Arthur.

- Ishi died in Hiro's arms. She is pretty much dead.
- Hiro's interference caused Ishi to die at a different time (1991). It was possible she might have faked her death explained the writer's inconsistency.

Not every writer mistake is to be explained by retconning.
Ishi's condition was caused by her carrying the Catalyst. None + Kaito was unwilling to let her give Hiro the catalyst.
- His reason was that he thought Hiro was irresponsible.
+ He could be lying.
- Lying to his dying wife?

+ That would explain why it was originally given to Claire, as she heals. Had Kaito known that, he would certainly have realized that another regenerator is the only real way to preserve the catalyst forever.

- Claire didn't manifest her ability until later in life, they couldn't possibly know she'd have an ability, and which ability at that point.
+ The company could have a member with precognition.
+ Carlos Mendez, a founding father of the Company, was Isaac's father, it could be that they shared the same ability, just as Maury and Matt.
- The only known precog of the Company is Angela, and nothing is known about Carlos Mendez's power.
+ Claire survived the fire in Meredith's apartment.
- A graphic novel showed Noah saving her; it wasn't her ability.
+ It showed him in a burning room. Claira was happily playing in her crib. Had she been an ordinary human, she would have been crying or unconscious due to the heat and smoke.
- Smoke rises, cribs aren't as high as ceilings, and Claire as a baby isn't that tall either, there wouldn't be enough smoke to affect her at that level.
Ishi's carrying the Catalyst was extending her life. None + She died right after passing the catalyst to Hiro.

- The Catalyst didn't necessarily extend Arthur's life when he was shot.

But it's possible it did, however infinitesimally.

Ishi was infected with the Shanti virus. None + She died shortly after using her ability, could be a symptom of the virus.
- The virus suppresses abilities.
+ It could be a mutated strain of the virus.
- All known strains of the virus suppress abilities, at the very least.
+ We only know of the original strain, an unnamed strain, and Strain 138. There are at least 135 other strains we don't know about - making it very likely that at least one strain does not interfere with an ability.
- The original Shanti virus, the one taken from Shanti, did suppress abilities, and the Company's goal was to create something which would render evolved humans powerless, which means all of its strains suppress powers.
Ishi's ability is to transfer illnesses or other things to or from herself. None + Rather than heal, she may be absorbing the illness. This would explain why she is dying, she has been absorbing other illnesses.

- Ishi didn't seem to lose her memory after healing Hiro.
- There's no way she could restore someone else's memories if that was the case.

Ishi's ability only works by giving a kiss. In Our Father she kisses the dove to heal it and kisses Hiro to return his memory. + She couldn't heal herself of what she was dying from.
- Nothing prevents her from kissing her own hand or something similar.
It was said in a BTE interview that her ability is like Linderman's, having similar limits.

+ Some powers are triggered by adrenaline, but not all of them. Still, almost each power requires a specific emotion or a state of consciousness to activate it. Considering that, it is very likely that Ishi's power requires some positive emotions, which can be expressed through a kiss.

- It doesn't mean she has to kiss someone or something in order to express positive feelings. A smile could do that.
Ishi's ability can restore Peter and Hiro's lost abilities. None + She had the catalyst when she was alive, which is closely related to granting abilities.
- The formula gives abilities, it's unknown if the Catalyst itself can do it.

+ She is accessible via time travel.
+ Matt Parkman, Jr.'s ability partially restored Hiro's ability.

- Hiro can time travel, but like in Season One he cannot control it.

- Unlike with Hiro, Peter's ability works just fine and doesn't need healing.

Ishi had a brain tumor or an aneurysm. Sometimes abilities lead to these. + Peter felt drained after healing too many people. Ishi was a healer too, and she used her ability twice in a single episode.
- Linderman used his ability many times during his time in the war, he was never implied to feel tired or drained when he did it.
- These two versions of healing are confirmed to work differently. Linderman just healed, but the healing ability Peter absorbed controlled the flow of life in something. He gave his life force to the person that needed healing, making him feel drained.
Peter's exhaustion was never confirmed to be due to him transferring his own life or health with the ability, it could be simple overuse of the ability.

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