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Theory:Joseph Sullivan

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The following fan theories are about Joseph Sullivan.

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Theory Citations Notes
Joseph had the ability to detect evolved humans. None + Samuel said about Joseph, "He was my compass". The compass can detect evolved humans.
This is yet to be confirmed.
- It would appear that the compass detects the carnival.

- Joseph wouldn't need Lydia then.

Joseph wouldn't send Lydia away just because of her power, the carnival is a family.
Maybe when Joseph was alive, Lydia hadn't developed her ability enough to find evolved humans. First of all, her ability is to sense what others feel.

- Detecting evolved humans would not allow him to render Doyle unconscious.

Joseph was romantically involved with the fortune teller. None + Samuel slapped Edgar for calling her an old hag and wondered "what if Joseph caught [him] talking like that".
- It could be simply because Edgar was being rude to his fellow carny, which Joseph certainly wouldn't have approved.
Joseph is McSorley. None + Joseph is older than Ricky. He is capable of forming a first family that didn't work out.
- There are other characters who are older than Ricky, all of which fit that description.

+ He is old enough to be McSorley's son's father.

- So were lots of other characters.

+ Joseph is a natural leader.

- Every Company founder was a leader.

+ Joseph might have used the money, he made as a mobster to start the carnival.

- He had Little Miss Goldenrod for that.
She may have joined the carnival after Joseph's death.

- Joseph was a nice person, he wouldn't have threatened Ricky's gang.
- Why would the carnival need iPods?

It's possible they were smuggled in so that Ricky's gang could sell them at a much lower price.

- Nothing at all indicates that Joseph has ever even been to Ireland.

Joseph let Samuel kill him. None + Joseph knew that Samuel is an ambitious man who will try to get as powerful as possible. Joseph knew he had to be stopped, but couldn't do it himself, as he loved his brother so much. So the only way was to let him become powerful enough for others to realize it and kill him.
- And yet, he had Arnold go back in time to abort Samuel at birth.
- Danko was on his way. All he needed to do was keep Samuel from running until Emile arrived with a compass in one hand and an assault rifle in the other.
Even if Joseph arranged for Danko to come, he didn't necessarily want to have him killed, just taken away. Considering Danko was also taking evolved humans, for different purposes, Samuel would also end up near many evolved humans.
- He knew that Samuel might someday destroy the world. He was a very practical man. Letting Samuel potentially turn into the Heroes equivalent of Galactus seems stupid and irresponsible.

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