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Theory:Meredith Gordon

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The following fan theories are about Meredith Gordon.

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Theory Citations Notes
If there was a explosion right next to Meredith the fire would not burn her; the only injury she would get would be when she hit something hard. In all episodes that Meredith uses pyrokinesis her hand has no burn. + The Rule of Ted would apply.
- The rule has its exceptions.
+ The exception does not apply to pyrokinesis.

+ Flint Gordon Jr. states in episode Dual that fire can not harm them. Therefore the only way they could've died, would have been if something blunt, or sharp hit them. Meredith was in a concrete room, which fire can not burn through, so she should be alive, until further notice.

- That same concrete room collapsed on her when the building fell down.
Meredith has been confirmed as deceased.

Meredith is on the Heroes "Wall of Death".

Meredith isn't dead. Heroes Unmasked + Jack Coleman stated in Heroes Unmasked that she might come back.
Even if she survived the fire, she still needs to survive the building falling on top of her.
+ If Eric Doyle survived after being knocked out by Sylar then she possible may have survuved as well if Tracy Strauss can survive and turn into water then maybe Meredith can become fire or smoke and be alive.

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