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Theory:Mohinder Suresh

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The following fan theories are about Mohinder Suresh.

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Theory Citations Notes
Mohinder has lived in the US prior to Genesis. Mohinder has a license to drive a taxi cab. (Genesis). + To acquire such a license in the 36 hours the show leaves him is impossible. Therefore he must have acquired the license, or at least its prerequisites, at a previous date.

+ After seeing Chandra's taxi drivers license among his personal effects, Mohinder goes to the Chelsea Cab Company. The boss offers him a job and he accepts. (Monsters)
- Mohinder may have been awarded the license illegally. Mohinder's license expires on a day that doesn't exist. It could be a fake, but this most likely a production gaffe or an in-joke.
+ Many people who study English choose to spend a few years in an English speaking country.

- India is an English-speaking country.

If the accent is an intended trait and not an acting variable, then it would seem as if Mohinder has spent a good amount of time in a primarily English speaking country, probably in Europe.
- No, not really. India has naturally gained a English sounding accent due to its roots in the British empire.

Mohinder is related to Takezo Kensei. None - Mohinder is of Indian descent, while Kensei is of European or Western descent.
+ After so many generations it is very likely that any obvious trace of descendants should have be "washed" through the generations.

+ Takezo has traveled the world, he might have gone to India on his way to Japan.
If Mohinder is related to Kensei then it is unlikely that he wouldn't inherit an ability.

Simon Petrelli and Monty Petrelli are the sons of an evolved human and have yet to exhibit powers.
Nathan Petrelli was born to two evolved humans and still didn't have an ability.

None of the wives that Kensei mentioned were Indian. Though he could have slept with an Indian women without marrying her.
- The only thing that supports this theory is the fact that Kensei has been around for a long time. As Evan and Khufu prove, there were other evolved humans before, or at the same time as Kensei.

Mohinder Suresh may be a name variation of the semi-mythical "Beast of the Middle East", Sirrush, and possibly be the monster in which he was transforming into. None + The Sirrush beast's appearance was that of a dragon-like creature that was covered in scales (much like those on Mohinder's back) a head like a snake's with folds within the skin, one horn protruding on its head, a forked tongue, long neck with a slender tail and the front legs of a lion and the back legs of an eagle.

+ This creature was mentioned in the apocryphal Bel and the Dragon, an addition to the Book of Daniel of the Old Testament, further suggesting the connection between main character names and biblical names i.e. Peter, Gabriel, Noah, etc.
- The Sirrush is Arabian, specifically Babylonian, not Indian.
Noah gathered animals like Noah Bennet gathers evolved humans; Peter led the church after Christ's death in the same way Peter Petrelli leads the heroes after Isaac's; Gabriel was the angel of death, specifically seen smiting those unworthy of heaven, much like Sylar "smites" those deemed unworthy of their powers. Daniel channeled God to keep from being eaten; there is no symbolic tie-in to Mohinder's situation.

Mohinder will marry Maya in the future. None + He loves her, and she loves him. She never really left him permanently.

- Maya has left the US and went back to the Dominican Republic, after Arthur removed her ability.

Maya lives in New Jersey. She cannot return to Dominican Republic, she's still wanted for murder. The police might not even know Alejandro is dead.

- Maya told Mohinder to stay away from her, after what he did.
- Mohinder has a new girlfriend.

Said girlfriend said she wouldn't wait for Mohinder if he tried to uncover more of his father's research.
Mohinder's cocoon was meant to evolve him to the next stage, but the eclipse interrupted this, causing more harm than good. None + Mohinder's health deteriorates more quickly after the eclipse than it had before.

+ Mohinder's ability has been called "insect-like"; cocoons are part of the life-cycle of some insects.

Mohinder's enhanced strength is weaker than Niki's. None + When Mohinder was imprisoned he couldn't break the metal bar to escape.
- He was drugged and unconscious.

+ Niki would most likely be able to escape, as her strength has enabled her to break a safe door so the metal bar would be no problem for her. (Stolen Time)

Mohinder obtained enhanced strength because of Niki. None + Evolution states the animals evolve skills to survive and being Niki's partner might have rubbed off.
- He wasn't Niki's partner anymore.

+ Ando developed the ultimate sidekick power as this was how he saw himself. Perhaps subconciously as a tribute to Niki, his mind/body gave him enhanced strength instead of agility.

- Or rather because he wanted to have a power to defend himself and others from people like Sylar.
Mohinder's ability is enhanced reflexes and enhanced muscle. None + While Peter had his ability, he was very strong and he could perform great moves. (Orientation)
- Peter wasn't particularly fast in those scenes, it was slow enough for him to accurately coordinate his movements. Even the leaps can be explained by enhanced strength in his leg muscles.
Mohinder will be killed by Sylar. None + He is one of the lesser main characters like the deceased Nathan.

+ All the other non Carnival evolved humans with his ability are dead like Michael and his older partner Niki.
+ Sylar likes powers and had had confrontations with Mohinder several times.
+ According to Samuel, Sylar likes more vulnerable prey, like a man pumped with drugs in an institution.
+ Mohinder still wants revenge for his father who Sylar killed.
+ Mohinder, Noah and Hiro three of Sylar's enemies are united against Samuel. This means a likely confrontation against Sylar.
- Sylar has now changed and become a hero, he doesn't want to kill anyone anymore so it's unlikely he will kill Mohinder for no reason, plus Mohinder is in India now and has no intention of returning to the USA.

Mohinders transforming in to a kind of cockroach human hybrid None + Mohinder talks about how Cockroaches are the height of evolution. Then before he starts getting scaly he says that he Is the same only better.

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