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Theory:Noah Bennet

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The following fan theories are about Noah Bennet.

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Theory Citations Notes
Noah, knowing what would happen in the painting, arranged with Mohinder to be shot by him. Mohinder was able to access Claire's blood and used it to revive HRG. None + Mohinder and HRG had a lot of time together alone in the car to work on a plan.

+ Mohinder and HRG still planned to take down the Company, even though it appeared that Mohinder was on both sides.
- Bennet seemed genuinely surprised when he regained consciousness - it seems unlikely that he expected to be revived in a Company facility.

+ It's possible he was simply surprised by the feeling of being brought back from the dead. Even if he knew it was coming, it's difficult to prepare oneself for something like that.

- Mohinder was distraught looking over the gun he had, almost in tears by what he had done. He couldn't have been in two places at the same time.
- Noah stopped Mohinder from shooting him when painting 7/8 was realized.

Noah will always have secrets. None + He has a history of not telling the truth about his work. Also, he tried to hide the truth about Claire's biological parents from her.

+ He may be hiding that Claire received her ability through injection.
- As all of Claire's maternal side of the family has powers, and these powers run in her paternal side as well, it seems quite unlikely that she was injected with a synthetic ability. Plus, the fact Claire survived the fire as a baby proves that she had the ability from birth.

- Only her mother and maternal uncle were shown to have powers.
- Noah was seen holding Claire after the fire, so he saved her.
- Claire only began displaying a power in Six Months Ago.

It is unknown as to whether Noah knows that The Company developed a formula to grant people abilities.

Noah will eventually die permanently. None + He died in the explosion future and the exposed future.

+ 93% of the world died in the outbreak future. Noah was probably among them.

- Probably is not a confirmation.
- Noah dying in some of the possible futures has nothing to do with the current timeline that the show is following.

+ Since Noah does not have rapid cellular regeneration, that is a certainty for him to die sometime.

Rapid cell regeneration doesn't completely prevent death, as seen with Arthur.
One day Noah will die, protecting his family. None + Noah always does everything to protect his loved ones.
Noah's father is Samson Gray. None + Claire describes Sylar as her uncle in the future. This would be true if Noah is Sylar's brother.
- Claire said so, believing Sylar to be Peter and Nathan's brother.
- Noah is Claire's adoptive father.

+ BTE confirmed there is a link between Samson Gray and Noah Bennet.

- This link is likely that Samson is Richard, the murderer of Noah's wife Kate.
- Noah could have captured Samson briefly during an assignment, explaining the company's knowledge of Samson.
Noah is looking for Sabine Hazel. None + He is restarting the Company.

+ Sabine Hazel is an enemy of the Company.
+ Sabine Hazel is being hunted by Eric Thompson, Jr.
+ Medsen was looking for her.
- Noah does not know about the baby.
- Building 26 employees were looking for Hazel, not Company officers.

Bob Bishop and Noah are related, possibly as father and son. None + Bob was born sixteen years before Noah was born, making him just old enough to be Noah's father.

+ Elle's mother is unmentioned, perhaps the supposed connection between Elle and Claire is Elle is her half-aunt.
+ This ties in with Sylar as Claire's uncle if in the exposed future, he fathered a son with her adopted aunt.
+ This ties in with Sylar's link with Noah, he was involved with his sister.
- So Noah, the great family man, tries to murder his own father and little sister?.
+ His father and sister were threatening his daughter.
+ Switching your last name from Bishop to Bennet to Butler (Four Months Later) is not a huge stretch. Perhaps he wanted to prove his own value, instead of being known as the Boss's illegitimate kid.
- Bennet has no knowledge of Linderman's connection to the Company and is imprisoned without appeal (Parasite). It would be very odd if his father was one of the leaders...
+ Neither Bob nor Noah may know if they're related as cousins or father and son.
+ Noah's mother is Anita. The only reference we have to his father is that he wears glasses. So does Bob Bishop.
- Noah stated within the flashback that he was the same age as his father when he needed glasses. Bob, however began wearing glasses at a much younger age as seen in 1961.
+ Neither Nathan nor Peter Petrelli seemed aware of their parents' activities at the Company.
- Thompson mentions bringing him in personally. (.07%).
+ An "HRG" shot with Bob (over the shoulder, from the back) was in Powerless. Besides being symbolic reference of Bob's control over Noah, it could also be symbolic of their possible family ties.

Noah did not know what powers the Company's founders had prior to the Season One. Noah didn't know that Linderman was head of the Company (.07%). Also, Noah did not associate Jeremy Greer with Linderman when discussing his healing touch (Tabula Rasa). Angela states that the company was formed to hide people with abilities from the world at all costs (1961). + Noah has never mentioned the powers of the the Company's founders besides Angela (whom has kept Noah under her wing).

- It isn't known if Linderman could kill with his ability, like Jeremy could.

+ It hasn't been said that Linderman couldn't kill with his ability; Jeremy Greer's ability is listed as healing touch, which implies there is not a separate healing-only power for Linderman to have.
Noah will be killed by Sylar. Claire implied Sylar killed him in the exposed future. + He and Sylar have been enemies since Season One.

+ Sylar has come closer to killing him than Samuel or Becky.
+ Sylar said he'd kill every person "remotely involved" in what happened to him. Noah was one of the people who came up with the idea, even if he regretted it later.
- Noah is still friends with René.

+ René is not invincible and could also be killed.
- Peter was able to defeat Sylar with René's ability, and he only had it for a short time. René has been using his ability for a while, so he should be able to handle Sylar.

+ Sylar doesn't have to fight Nathan for control, making Sylar's enemies more vulnerable.

Noah arranged for Sandra to have her memories rearranged to think she was his only wife. They met in 1986, yet in Turn and Face the Strange it was said she was married to him in 1985. + Maury Parkman used to work in the Company.

+ Arthur Petrelli and Charles Deveaux had telepathy and the abilities to rearrange Sandra's memories.
- Timeline discrepancies aren't uncommon in the world of Heroes.

Hiro has changed the past many times, they could have all had unintended and uneventful ripples in the timeline, changing dates and events.
Noah will be forced to help the government round up specials like in Volume 4. Volume 4 + In order to protect Claire, he will have to help the government again.

+ This fits into the explosion future coming true.

Noah is the biological father of Noah Gray. None + Sylar was his partner at Primatech, he could have adopted a son Noah can have with Lauren.

+ Noah is dating Lauren Gilmore.
- Noah was with Sandra in the exposed future, not Lauren.
+ We only know that he was dead in the exposed future, not who he was with.

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