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Episode:Turn and Face the Strange

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Turn and Face the Strange
Season: Three
Episode number: 322
First aired: April 6, 2009
Turn and Face the Strange.jpg
Written by: Rob Fresco
Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Previous episode: Into Asylum
Next episode: 1961
Heroes Interactive transcript


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Story Development

Coyote Sands · Alena · Sam Douglas



At Building 26, Noah examines "Sylar's" dead body. Danko enters and assures him that Sylar is dead. Noah asks how he pulled it off, and Danko says it was a four-inch pocket blade, replaced by a six-inch metal spike at the base of the skull. Noah says that metal is better than glass: a glass shard placed in Sylar's brain melted in the Primatech fire. Danko says it's funny how quickly he was able to find and kill Sylar, and suggests that perhaps Bennet didn't want to catch Sylar after all. Noah suggests that maybe Danko is better than he. An agent comes in and tells Noah that his wife has arrived, and Danko tells the agent to send her up.

Hiro and Ando are on a highway in Ohio in a Nissan Cube. Ando tries to leave messages for Matt Parkman to no avail. Hiro tells him that they should first unite the two Matt Parkmans, and can then track down the baby's mother. The baby starts to cry, and the car mysteriously slows to a stop and won't start, to Hiro and Ando's confusion.

Mohinder tells Parkman that he is going to India by ship, and tells Matt to come with him. Matt refuses and loads a gun, determined to get revenge on Danko for Daphne's death. Mohinder tries to reason with Matt, but Matt simply tells Mohinder he's been a good friend and says goodbye.

Sandra paces back and forth in the hallway of Building 26, waiting for Noah. When he appears, she tells him she won't sit home waiting for him to tell her where Claire is. He says Claire is safe, and the less Sandra knows, the better. Sandra doesn't believe anything he says anymore, and wants to see Claire. Noah changes the subject and tells her that there's a dead body, but he doesn't think it’s Sylar. Just then, Danko approaches. He introduces himself to Sandra and shakes her hand, but she knows he's the guy who's been watching her house. "Nice meeting you," he says, and walks off. Noah begs her to go home, but Sandra says she’s staying in town until Noah finds Claire. She walks off.

Danko walks into the men's bathroom and locks the door, but it's not Danko, it's Sylar. The real Danko is inside, at a urinal. Sylar says he enjoys being Danko and loves commanding respect. Danko warns him that this is not a game, and it's not about finding a clever way to kill Noah Bennet. Shape shifting back to his true form, Sylar says he's not going to kill Noah--he's going to destroy him.

Angela calls Noah from a street pay phone to tell him that she had a dream, and asks if he knew about what happened at a place called "Coyote Sands". Noah knows that whatever happened there was kept a secret for over 20 years, and that the Company always told him it should never be discussed. Angela says that she and Peter are now heading there, intending to meet up with Nathan and Claire, and that she needs Noah there too, so that everyone knows the truth. Noah mentions that he doesn't believe Sylar is really dead, and Angela advises him to leave it alone, but Noah insists on checking one more time. Upon going into the morgue area, Noah sees that the body is missing. He asks a DHS agent where it went, and she tells him that it has been sent to the crematorium. Angela begs Noah to "leave it alone" and screams his name, but he hangs up on her.

Mohinder breaks into his late father's old apartment, only to find that the room is completely empty. The landlord walks in, telling Mohinder that he'll have to pay for the broken lock. When Mohinder asks about his papers and his father's work, the landlord tells him that Homeland Security came by and took everything, and that if he or the big guy showed up, he should call them. Mohinder advises against it and threatens to implicate him, saying that he has checked the building and nobody is currently watching; he promises to leave the apartment by the next day. The landlord mentions that Chandra left some stuff downstairs in storage, and asks Mohinder to take it with him when he leaves; Mohinder tells him to show it to him.

Hiro and Ando hitchhike along the highway in Ohio. Ando says that no one is going to pick up two Japanese guys and a baby, but Hiro tells him not to be so negative. Just then, a truck slows down and honks; Hiro and Ando run up to get in. To their surprise, the driver looks Japanese, but he doesn't understand when they speak to him in Japanese. He has a thick Texan accent and asks the two to speak English. Hiro introduces himself, baby Matt and Ando, and the truck driver introduces himself as Sam Douglas. Hiro explains their situation, and Sam tells them that he has a mechanic friend who could help them with their car trouble. As he starts to drive away, baby Matt begins to cry and everything in Sam's truck mysteriously turns off; ignition, electrics, even his CB radio. Hiro and Ando finally realize that when baby Matt is happy, he makes things go, but when he's unhappy, he makes things stop.

Matt waits in a car outside Building 26 for Danko. When Danko finally comes out, Matt gets into his head, making him believe that something's not right, that he can't trust anyone, that the person he is closest to is in danger, and that he has to make sure that they're okay. Danko hails down a taxi, and Matt follows.

As agents wheel in a body, Noah drives up to the crematorium. He unzips the bag they just pulled in and finds a blonde woman with a bullet through her brain, and turns around to unzip the other bag, which appears to contain Sylar. Noah tells the agents to hold their guns up and prepare to shoot, since he's going to take out the metal spike from Sylar's brain, which would allow him to regenerate. As he pulls the spike out, the agents stand in fear and confusion. When the body fails to regenerate, Noah tells the agents to take the metal stake for DNA analysis. One agent tells Noah that they have to cremate the body, but Noah tells them not to. Noah bends down and stares at the hole in the back of Sylar's head, asking "Who are you?"

Matt watches from his car as Danko meets a woman at her front door and the two embrace. Danko asks the woman if everything is okay, peers inside the house, and the two go inside. Matt opens the glove compartment and takes out his gun.

Sandra meets Noah at his apartment. He asks her if she wants to know about Claire, but she says that Claire has called her and that she just needs Noah to sign some papers, which Noah sees are divorce papers. She tells him that he's perpetually lied to her, brought loaded guns into the home, and endangered the lives of their children. She goes on to say that she has now changed the locks on the doors. Noah begs her not to throw away their 22 years of marriage, and that they owe it to Lyle and to Claire to stay together. She tells him that it's too late and that she doesn't love, trust, or respect him anymore. Noah watches in heartbroken confusion as Sandra storms out.

Sylar reverts to his original form after impersonating Sandra.

Sandra strides along a sidewalk outside of Noah's apartment building, then stops in an alleyway to shape shift back into Sylar. Sylar smiles, and walks away.

Sam asks Ando and Hiro to take the "magic baby" away from his truck so he can deliver his load. They take him back to their car and try making faces till Matt stops crying. When Ando makes the baby laugh with his funny face, Hiro jumps into the driver's seat and sets off. Ando claims he won't be able to make the same face all the way to NYC, but Hiro insists he must.

Danko says goodbye to Alena while Matt listens from around the corner. Matt hears her call him "Jakob" and he hears Danko say he has to get back to Chicago. A car pulls up and Danko tells her to smile, he'll be back in DC before she knows it. Danko leaves and Matt enters Alena's house. He aims a gun at her, but drops it and is about to leave when she notices him. She thinks he's from an escort service and he learns that Danko is a former client of hers. Matt uses his ability to convince her that he works with Danko. She's pleased to meet one of Danko's friends and asks him to sit.

In Building 26, Noah is about to sign the divorce papers when he notices Sandra's signature. He calls up some online records and confirms that the signature is not Sandra's. He calls the DNA lab and a technician called Nigel tells him that the DNA on the metal spike matches James Martin of Arlington, VA. Noah realizes Sylar's a shape shifter and leaves.

Matt and Alena sit and discuss Danko, although Alena knows him as "Jakob Pradasa." She believes he's married with children and lives in Chicago, and says that he's promised to divorce his wife and move to Washington to be with her once his children are grown. She says she realizes the situation isn't ideal, but he loves her. Matt says he probably does love her, but he doesn't deserve her, and explains that he will show her that everything Danko has said is a lie.

While stopping at a gas station, Hiro manages to reach Mohinder on his cell phone. Mohinder tells Hiro that Matt is in DC, but that he's bent on revenge. Hiro writes down the address Mohinder gives him, Ando makes the funny face for baby Matt, and they all drive off to Washington.

At the same gas station, just feet away, Claire and Nathan pour over a map looking for Coyote Sands. They find it and fly away.

Mohinder, still going through his father's files at his old apartment, finds information on Operation Icarus, a government operation in Coyote Sands in the 1960s. He finds a copy of an old security pass and realizes that his father was there.

Sandra walks into her hotel room and Noah pulls a gun on her, aiming at the back of her head. He threatens to kill her if she says another word. Terrified, she asks him what he's doing, but Noah believes that Sandra is Sylar. When she lists some personal details about their past together, he assumes that Sylar has acquired telepathy. He shoves her against the table and Sandra starts to weep, pleading for Noah to stop. Sandra's phone rings and Noah answers. It's Lyle calling to ask where Mr. Muggles's pills are. Sandra tells Noah exactly where the pills are on a shelf above the refrigerator, and when he hears Lyle asks if it's the green or the brown bottle, Noah realizes that he has made a huge mistake. He hangs up, puts his gun away, lays the cell phone on the table, and squeezes Sandra's shoulder before taking a couple of steps back. Sandra gets up and tells him to get out. Noah tries to explain that Sylar pretended to be her to file for divorce. Sandra replies that divorce was probably a good idea. When Noah insists that she's doing exactly what Sylar wants, Sandra screams for him to get out and shoves him. Noah pleads with her and she says she believes him but it's too late; she wants him to leave. Noah steps out into the hallway, dejected. When he hears Sandra lock the door behind him, his face changes and he walks away, determined.

Matt forces Danko to confess his sins.

Danko is at his apartment when Alena knocks on his door. He wonders how she found him, while she asks what he's doing living in DC. Matt steps up behind her with his gun drawn, revealing that he brought her to Danko. He orders them into the apartment and uses his power to force Danko to tell Alena the truth about who he is and what he did to Daphne. Alena asks Danko why he lied and Danko tells her he knew she could never love someone who does what he does. Matt realizes that Danko really does care for Alena and so aims his gun at her, intending to make Danko suffer the way he has. Danko tells Matt to go ahead because nothing could ever matter to him more than killing Matt and all of his friends. Matt apologizes to Alena and says that Danko must pay for what he's done, but he can't go through with it and drops the gun, crying. Danko picks up a gun and aims it at Matt. Alena begs him not to shoot Matt, but he does. Hiro stops time before the bullet strikes Matt and pushes him out of the room on a desk chair. When time begins again, Alena calls Danko a monster and tells him to stay away from her.

Noah walks through the control room of Building 26, not wearing his glasses. He goes into Danko's office, shuts the blinds, and turns toward Danko. Danko asks him what he wants and Noah suggests that he is really Sylar. He offers Danko a folder and says that Noah has been keeping Primatech files hidden. Danko takes the file, saying he's not surprised. Noah pulls out his gun and asked if he's surprised now. Noah disarms Danko and chastises him for being so stupid as to partner up with Sylar. Danko asks what Noah wants and he says he wants Sylar on a platter. Danko tells Noah that Sylar is posing as Agent Donner from Team 6 and that they'll be back from their current mission in an hour. Noah says he'll wait and so will Danko.

While walking outside together, Matt thanks Hiro, but says that he didn't want to be saved. Hiro tells Matt that true heroes don't seek retribution and he had to save him because Matt is a hero, not a villain. Ando is sitting on the grass with baby Matt and some toys, and when he sees Matt and Hiro, he calls them over. Hiro introduces Matt to his son and says that the boy needs his father. Matt falls in love instantly and his son, happy, makes the toy cars drive in circles.

Team 6 arrives back at Building 26 and Noah and Danko are there to meet them. Noah congratulates Donner on his achievements, but pulls a gun on him as Donner turns away. Noah tells the agents to aim at the back of Donner's head because it's really Sylar with a shape-shifting ability. Donner tries to convince the agents that it really is him and Danko refuses to back up Noah's accusation. Noah tells the agents that Danko and Sylar are working together. Danko says that Noah's just under a lot of stress and Donner blames Noah's pending divorce. Noah asks him how he would know about the divorce and shoots Donner, but one of the agents hits his hand as the gun goes off, so the bullet goes into Donner's back. Noah insists that everyone stays back and says that Sylar will heal, but the body remains still. Danko goes to check Donner's pulse and declares him dead. Having apparently shot an innocent man, Noah holds a gun to Danko's head and backs out of the room. When he gets to the door, he runs away.

Danko orders everyone in the room to follow Noah then walks up to Donner. He says that he had no choice; leading Noah to him was the safest choice. Sylar heals, shape-shifts back into his own form, and spits out the bullet. He's angry that Danko could have gotten him killed and says that Danko could have pointed Noah towards Agent Foster, but Danko points out that Foster would have actually died and changes the subject. He tells Sylar he had no idea he could bleed so much. Sylar says he squeezed out some extra for show.

Noah calls Sandra and leaves her a message, saying that he loves her and misses his whole family. He can't leave her a number as it's not safe to keep his phone, but he promises to call her again later.

On the map, all strings converge at Coyote Sands.

Mohinder pins strings to a map, with Coyote Sands marked in the middle, and packs up his father's files.

Hiro and Ando bring groceries to the car while Matt plays with his son.

Danko calls Alena to apologize and says that Jakob isn't a lie; it's who he wants to be. However, Alena ignores his call and gets into a cab.

Angela and Peter drive up to Coyote Sands. When Peter asks why Angela wanted to go there, she tells him that this is where their story begins. Nathan and Claire land and walk up to Angela and Peter. Peter walks away angry that Nathan has shown up. Claire goes after him and Nathan asks Angela why she's brought them here. Angela says she never wanted them to know about Coyote Sands, but now she realizes that was a mistake. She opens up the car and pulls out a shovel. She tells them to prepare for the future they must dig up the past.

It is our nature to protect our children. For each generation to pass on their cautionary tales to the next. So it is with the myth of Icarus, the legend of a boy who fashioned wings from feathers and wax, daring to fly into the heavens. His father was fearful and warned Icarus to be careful. Begging him not to tempt fate by flying too close to the sun. But in the end, the boy couldn't resist. His waxen wings melted from the sun's rays. And deep plunge... to his death.

Later that night, Peter, Nathan, and Claire have dug several holes and Nathan discovers a skeleton with a hole in its skull. Angela almost collapses at the sight and Peter asks her if she knew the person they found. She says she knew all of them. Nathan asks how many people are buried there and Angela tells him to keep digging. Claire comforts Angela and notices a car pulling up. It's Noah. They all continue to dig, and find more skeletons.

Memorable Quotes

"Matt, I know how you feel about Daphne, and what they did to her was inhuman, but this is..."

"What they did to Daphne was protocol."

- Mohinder, Matt

"Where'd they take the bodies?"

"Crematorium. Barbeque Day."

- Noah, DHS agent

"If I was Sylar, I wouldn't need this, now would I?"

- Noah, holding a gun to Danko

"Matt Parkman, meet Matt Parkman, he is your son."

- Hiro (to Matt)

"And to prepare for the future, you have to understand the past. You want the answers? Then you'll have to dig."

- Angela (to Peter, Nathan and Claire)

Character Appearances


  • The truth of Sylar's survival after the events of Dual is revealed: the fire at Primatech melted the glass shard in his brain, allowing him to regenerate.
  • The title of this episode, Turn and Face the Strange, is a line from the David Bowie song "Changes". This is at least the second time a David Bowie song has been referenced. Previously, Noah said "Rebel, Rebel" (Cold Snap), also a title of a David Bowie song. It should be noted that David Bowie sings his song "Heroes" on the Heroes Original Soundtrack.
  • This episode was previously known as Face the Stranger and Turn and Face the Stranger.
  • This episode mentions Project Icarus for the first time. In real life, Project Icarus was the name of a plan devised by students of Professor Paul Sandorff of MIT to destroy a meteor on a collision course with the Earth.
  • The outro relates the Greek myth of Icarus.
  • Chandra's super reappears in this episode, having been seen last in Genesis. This is a gap of 55 episodes, the second-longest gap (after Mira Shenoy) between any character's appearances.

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