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Theory:Sandra Bennet

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The following fan theories are about Sandra Bennet.

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Theory Citations Notes
Sandra's condition was caused by the blow to the head that she suffered from Sylar's attack or another blow that the Haitian had erased from her memory so she did not seek appropriate medical treatment. The doctor reviewing Sandra's case to Claire asks if she has been battered or suffered a serious blow. (Run!) This question would be a routine one given the nature of the injury, and probably indicates the doctor was still trying to diagnose the cause, not reporting her findings. A subdural hematoma ("bruise") in the brain would usually be caused by heavy impact to the skull.

- People can't delete memories so she likely wouldn't suspect or know how the Haitian's ability works. A blow would explain it.

+ Memories can be deleted, as the Haitian has shown several times, but they can also be recovered, as shown by Daniel Linderman and Ishi Nakamura.
Sandra Bennet has the ability to affect probability. When forced by Eric Doyle to play Russian Roulette with Claire and Meredith, Sandra is shown focusing on the spinning gun. When she blinks, the gun stops moving. (Dying of the Light)

+ This would explain the gun stopping first on Doyle, then on Claire.
+ Also explains her headaches.

Since when does probability manipulation cause headaches?
- Her headaches were probably caused by her memory erasure.

+ May also explain why Mr. Muggles won all his competitions.

Mr. Muggles competitions were most likely not based on probability, and her headaches weren't either.

Charlie did not know her memory skills were an evolved ability, Sandra may not realize either.

Sandra wants powers. Everytime Meredith shows Sandra what she can do to protect Claire, she seems to feel useless, and wants powers to save Claire herself for once. - She did at the time, but she's proven that just by being a normal human she can do good such as when she helped Claire defeat Eric Doyle. Claire never could have done it without her help.

- She also saved the day when Rachel Mills came to the Bennets' home, searching for Alex Woolsly.

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