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Episode:Dying of the Light

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Dying of the Light
Season: Three
Episode number: 306
First aired: October 20, 2008
Dying of the Light.jpg
Written by: Chuck Kim &
Christopher Zatta
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Previous episode: Angels and Monsters
Next episode: Eris Quod Sum
Heroes Interactive transcript
In every journey, the traveler must ask: was the right path taken? Many roads are long and winding, filled with those who have lost their way. Some forge their own course, guided by faith, seeking not a location, but a kindred soul. Others step together, finding safety in the arms of another. A few remove themselves from the trail to avoid the path of temptation. But those who watch the track too closely fail to see where it led them, and are often all too surprised by their destination.


Story Development

Power absorption · Arthur's team



Hiro and Ando are at The Angry Skunk Bar. Knox and Daphne are there to recruit Hiro. Knox takes a sword down from the wall and tells Hiro to kill Ando, who is useless to them because he has no powers. Hiro agrees, and then concentrates and uses his power to teleport to a Japanese novelty store. There he takes several bags of fake blood and a prop sword with a collapsible blade. Hiro then travels back through time two hours to the Angry Skunk Bar and tells Ando to trust him, then puts the bags of blood beneath Ando’s shirt. Hiro then travels back to the present at the moment he left, so quickly that no one notices his departure. He then “stabs” Ando. Convinced, Knox says he’s hired and leaves. Daphne is angry, since she believed Hiro was a good guy. He asks to meet with his new employer, but she informs him that he’s to go to Africa to capture a precog, and then bring him to Pinehearst. She explains that her employers can’t afford to have a precog out there to interfere with their plans. She runs away and Hiro informs Ando that he can get up now. Hiro asks him how it feels to have a friend kill him. Ando says they're even and Hiro takes Ando with him as he teleports to Africa.

Claire comes downstairs from her bedroom and tells her mother Sandra that she’s going to rescue Meredith from Eric Doyle. Sandra approves, saying she’s proud of Claire, and then insists on going with her.

Eric Doyle is at his marionette theater talking to Meredith. He promises her that she’ll love him again despite the fact she says he disgusts her. He demonstrates his hold over her by having her break a wine glass and then start to cut her throat with it. He promises that she’ll learn to love him, and then stops her from inflicting further injury on herself.

Adam begins to decay.

Knox escorts Adam to Pinehearst. Adam asks what his power is and Knox explains he gains strength from fear. Adam smirks, noting that he has no reason to be afraid. Knox takes him to Arthur Petrelli’s room. Adam is greatly surprised, having believed that Arthur was dead. Arthur tells Adam something, which terrifies Adam, who attempts to escape. He is, however, held back by Knox, who forces Adam’s hand into Arthur’s. Adam cries out as he begins to decay and wither. At the end of the ordeal, Adam Monroe is nothing more than a pile of dust. Arthur sits up and removes the tube from his throat: the entry wound heals over instantly. He remarks that it feels good to breathe again.

Daphne goes to the airport to complete her assignment to find Matt Parkman. She has second thoughts and throws the file away. Linderman appears behind her and says it would be a mistake for her to turn down the mission. She says that she’s not a murderer and Linderman says that he can’t help her any further if she leaves the company. Daphne reluctantly agrees to continue and Linderman points out Matt arriving with his turtle in a cage. Linderman disappears and Daphne approaches Matt. She is unaware that Maury Parkman is nearby, having projected the image of Linderman into her head. Matt is talking to his turtle and saying he needs to find Daphne. He sees Daphne approaching and calls her by name. Surprised, she suggests they go somewhere private to talk.

Nathan and Tracy arrive at Mohinder's apartment and ask to see him. He invites them in and he believes that Tracy is actually Niki. They explain that Tracy is Niki’s sister, one of triplets, and that she gained her powers from treatments perfected by Dr. Zimmerman. She demonstrates her freezing power, and Mohinder, intrigued, agrees to examine them.

Daphne explains to Matt that Pinehearst wants to help him but he notes she doesn’t seem very sure about her employers. She asks how he knew her name and he explains that he had a prophetic vision of his future in Africa, where they are married and have a child. Daphne nervously backs away and gives him a card for Pinehearst. As she runs away, he says they named their future baby Daniella. Daphne admits that “Daniella” is her grandmother’s name. She asks Matt to stay at the airport so she can find him later and they can talk further.

Mohinder gives first Tracy and then Nathan injections which he claims are DNA markers. However, Tracy collapses unconscious and Nathan starts to fall down. He lunges at Mohinder and falls into the next room, where he sees the cocooned figures of Maya, Mohinder’s neighbor, and the drug dealer. Before he can do anything further, the drug takes full effects and Nathan passes out.

Using her super speed, Daphne easily penetrates Level 5 and goes to Sylar’s cell. He says that he isn’t a killer any more and doesn’t want to work for her employers. He pins her to the wall using telekinesis and Daphne says that the Company is trying to change Sylar into something he isn’t. Her employers want Sylar the way he was. Startled, he lets her go and she grabs Flint in the next cell and carries him out of the compound.

Sylar goes to Peter’s cell and removes the drug shunt, then unstraps him. Peter recovers instantly and backs away from his brother. Sylar insists he won’t hurt Peter and that he’s trying to change. Peter talks about the hunger he gained from acquiring Sylar’s ability in the future. Sylar says he’s trying to control his hunger, and Peter can do so as well. Peter says that he saw Sylar control the hunger in the future, giving Sylar hope that he can accomplish it some day.

Ando and Hiro appear at Usutu’s hut in Africa. They see his paintings of the future and Hiro claims that they’re only going to “borrow” him so that he can convince Daphne’s employers he’s sincere. He goes into the hut and finds a fresh painting of Usutu hitting him in the head with the shovel. He turns around, and Usutu hits him over the head with a shovel.

Claire and Sandra are parked outside Doyle's Marionette Theatre. Claire prepares the taser and starts to go inside. Sandra says that she’s going inside with her. In the theater, Doyle is forcing Meredith to dance with him. He hears a bell and goes to the lobby where Sandra lies and says she wants to hire him to perform at her six-year-old son’s birthday party. Doyle says he doesn’t do private parties any more but Sandra offers to pay him cash. However, Doyle hears a noise and freezes Sandra in place when she tries to leave. In the back of the building, Claire enters the theater and tries to get Meredith to come with her. Doyle arrives and freezes Claire in place, then forces her to discharge the taser’s one shot harmlessly into a puppet.

Doyle forces Claire to discharge the taser.

Ando wakes up Hiro, who explains what happened. Ando suggests that Hiro travel back in time one minute to stop Usutu from ambushing him. Hiro is reluctant to do so, insisting he can’t change the past. However, Ando points out that Hiro jumped back in time two hours to save him earlier. Hiro agrees and jumps one minute back into the past outside the hut. He sees a new painting outside of Usutu hitting him in the head with a shovel. Hiro turns and Usutu is behind him. Usutu hits him in the head with a shovel, then goes inside the hut and knocks out the original Hiro.

Daphne arrives at Mohinder’s apartment and talks to him. She says that her employers want access to his database, and they’ve already created a way to synthesize special powers. Daphne offers him a Pinehearst business call but then hears someone moaning in the back. She runs past Mohinder and finds Tracy and Nathan strapped to table. She says Mohinder is a killer just like the rest and runs away before he can catch her.

Hiro wakes up in time to see his present self and Ando discussing the plan for Hiro to go back in time one minute. Hiro teleports back one minute and the current Hiro then enters the hut and says he can’t sneak up on a precog. He suggests they try things the old fashioned way and hide while waiting for Usutu to return.

Doyle has Claire, Meredith, and Sandra sit at a table and gives them a revolver with only one bullet in it. He has Claire spin the gun and it points between Meredith and Sandra. He tells her to choose who she’s going to shoot, and then concludes that Sandra is Claire’s mother. He assumes (incorrectly) that Meredith is Claire’s “fun aunt.” Claire refuses to choose so Doyle toys with her and forces her to point the gun from one to another. Meredith begs Doyle not to make Claire pull the trigger and offers her undying love. Doyle doesn’t believe her and has Claire aim the gun at Meredith and pull the trigger. The hammer clicks on an empty cylinder. Doyle next has Sandra spin the gun. It points at Claire and Doyle makes Sandra pick it up and aim it at her daughter. Claire says it’s okay for Sandra to shoot. Sandra pulls the trigger until the bullet goes off. Claire falls back onto the floor seemingly dead. Doyle, pleased, turns back to the two women, and Claire knocks him out from behind after healing from the mortal wound.

Peter and Sylar visit Angela, who is in a coma after her dream about her husband. Sylar believes he should have protected her. He asks Peter to read her mind and Peter gets a brief telepathic glimpse of two Symbols. Sylar recognizes it from the business card that Daphne gave him earlier.

Noah goes to the theater and secures Doyle. Meredith congratulates Claire but acknowledges that she got her heart and spirit from Sandra. Noah admits he’s impressed with Claire’s performance, but Claire walks away, still angry at him. Sandra goes to calm her down and Meredith tells Noah that Claire no longer needs either one of them to protect herself. Noah says that he needs someone to help him and asks Meredith to partner with him.

Peter grabs Sylar and flies him down the hallway.

As they walk through the halls of the Company facility, Sylar tells Peter that he’s still too weak to deal with the villains and the person responsible for Angela’s condition. Peter refuses to listen and tells Sylar not to call Angela “Mother.” Peter grabs Sylar and flies him down the hallway and into a grilled window. Sylar tries to telekinetically hold him off but Peter fires lightning bolts at him. He then uses his enhanced strength to knock Sylar unconscious. Peter hauls Sylar back to the cell and attaches the drug shunt.

Mohinder prepares to experiment on Nathan and Tracy. Tracy says that she understands what he’s going through, and that everything just got out of his control. She suggests that Daphne’s employers can give him the answers she needs, and she understands what it’s like to be considered a monster. She offers him her hand and he takes it. Tracy then freezes his hand, sending him reeling back. She freezes the strap and breaks it, then frees Nathan. Mohinder recovers and throws a lab bench at them, and says that it’s not over yet.

Daphne returns to talk to Matt and says that she’s supposed to recruit him. However, she warns that her employers aren’t good people. Matt warns that she’ll die in the future if she continues to associate with Pinehearst. Daphne says that she has no choice but to continue working for them. Matt says she should listen to her heart and Daphne says her heart is telling her to run away so she is never caught. Matt promises to protect her but she says he can’t and runs away.

Arthur uses his ability on Peter.

Night falls in Africa and Hiro and Ando watch Usutu's hut. They see him light a fire inside and approach the dwelling. They find the shovel outside and then try to sneak up on Usutu. He has his back turned to them but congratulates Hiro, saying that he’s passed the test and learned how to use his head instead of relying on his powers. Usutu informs Hiro that he is now ready and directs him to a painting showing Arthur and his assembled villains, along with the double helix. There is also a painting to the side of Peter embracing a man.

Peter teleports to Pinehearst and enters the building while invisible. Knox, Flint, Daphne, and Maury Parkman have just arrived to talk to Arthur. Then Peter bursts in turning visible, and prepares to fire a lightning bolt. Flint automatically brings his guard up. Then Arthur turns away from his desk, revealing himself to Peter, Arthur tells the rest that Peter is his son. As the rest stands down Arthur asks Peter for a hug. Peter agrees, but then Arthur uses his ability on his son. Peter collapses to the ground and tries to use an ability, but nothing happens. Arthur fills his hand with lightning and informs Peter that he no longer has his abilities -- Arthur has them now.

Memorable Quotes

"Ah, it feels good to breathe again."

- Arthur

"Now you know what it's like to be killed by your best friend."

"Okay, now we're even."

- Hiro, Ando

"High five, turtle!"

- Matt to his turtle

"The bad guys are here."

- Arthur (to Maury)

"You don't have your powers anymore, Peter... Because I have them now."

- Arthur

Character Appearances


  • This is the first episode to feature no new characters.
  • The title of this epsiode is either related to George R.R. Martins' science fiction novel, containing the same title, or it could be drawn from Dylan Thomas' poem about death, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" which contains the lines :
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

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