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Theory:Shanti virus

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The following fan theories are about the "Shanti virus".

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Theory Citations Notes
The virus was either created by, or can be controlled by the Company. None + Viruses haven't got a certain explanation to their origins, so it would be likely that the virus was created by someone.

+ Bob was very eager to hire Mohinder to the Company to research the virus, using Shanti's name to pique his interests.
+ Bob hinted that Mohinder would be famous if he cured a virus that spread to the general population.
The Company would have a vested interest in a virus that affects evolved humans. Some members of the Company are evolved humans and Bob implies that much of the Company's resources come from his ability.
+ Victoria was the bio-engineer (and possibly having a power connected to bio-engineering) who manipulated so many different versions of the virus in such a short time.

Peter did not actually destroy Strain 138. His radiation just caused it to mutate. None + Radiation is known to cause mutations.

+ The dust on his hand could have just been the remains of the container the virus was kept in and Peter's own immolated flesh.
The dust on his hand being his own flesh would be a contradiction of the Rule of Ted.
- Radiation destroys. The virus would not have survived.
- Such a plot twist would be contradictory to the meaning of Heroes.
- It would be physically impossible for organic molecules to survive the immense heat that was generated by the radiation, which was enough to completely boil the water containing the virus and turn the vial to ash.
+ Cockroaches can survive nuclear weapon blasts, certain fungi live off of radiation, Shanti virus could have some sort of resistance.

Strain 138 was created by Victoria Pratt's ability. None + It appears that all founders have powers.

+ Victoria knows the danger of the virus without opening the vial; this could be explained if she could alter the virus through the vial.
+ There are hundreds of strains with different side effects, and all of then were created in few months; such manipulation occurring in the 70's is hard to believe.

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