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Theory:The list

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The following fan theories are about the list.

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Theory Citations Notes
Felipe Acerra, not Gabriel Gray, is Patient Zero. Felipe is the first name listed on the list. (Homecoming) - There is no clear evidence that the list is in any particular order.

- "Patient Zero" is a term from epidemology, normally indicating the first case of an infectious disease - usually the patient that acquired the disease from an animal vector, or who first manifested a virulent mutant form of disease. This identification is used to track all later contacts of persons infected with the disease. "Patient Zero" is a term that is out of place in the context of a genetic variation, rather than an infectious agent.

In the context of a genetic variant, the term might refer to the earliest identifiable instance of the genetic variant.

- Mohinder has referred to his father's belief that Sylar was Patient Zero multiple times. (Don't Look Back, Parasite)
+ Chandra assembled the list, so he would presumably know that Felipe was "Patient Zero" if his appearance as the first listed had any significance.
- "Patient Zero" in itself implies that the person in question isn't on a list.
Patient Zero, may just mean the first one that Chandra met (this being Sylar).

The List will be used as a resource to round up prisoners with abilities for the Government in Fugitives. Mohinder sent a copy to FBI headquarters in Quantico, VA. (Fallout) + The government can cross reference Nathan's files with the list.
- Nathan was in the list, he wouldn't let himself be identified as an evolved human.
+ He could manipulate the list.
- If the US Government has the list, Micah as Rebel could hack into the system and delete the whole list from the system.

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