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D.L.'s crew

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D.L.'s crew
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Jessica Sanders hangs with D.L.'s crew just before they steal the money. (Stolen Time)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Theft
First appearance Stolen Time
Known members: Taylor, Warren, Itchy, D.L. Hawkins, and Jessica Sanders
Equipment used: guns, '59 Cadillac Eldorado

Based in Las Vegas, NV, the gang with which D.L used to work is responsible for stealing $2 million.


One Giant Leap

While burying Linderman's thugs, Niki Sanders uncovers a hand with a skull ring. She later reveals that this is the same type or ring that D.L.'s crew wore. Niki tells Paulette Hawkins that she believes D.L., along with his crew, was responsible for stealing Linderman's $2 million. Paulette believes that D.L. was framed.

Graphic Novel:Snapshots

In April 2006, a Las Vegas police detective questions D.L. about the robbery committed by his crew. He shows D.L. pictures from the crime, as well as mugshots of D.L.'s crew, who were seen committing the crime. The detective tells D.L. that the gun used to kill the guard was found in D.L.'s home.

Better Halves

While going to see the money launderer, D.L. explains to Niki that he was planning to rob Mr. Linderman with his crew, but he backed out of the plan (fearing Mr. Linderman's revenge). He told Niki that the crew continued on with the plan, but with a woman who was familiar with the plan in D.L.'s place. Jessica later reveals to Niki that she/they are responsible for the death of D.L.'s crew.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

In April 2006, the crew, with Jessica Sanders replacing D.L. Hawkins as the safe-cracker, enter Linderman's sports book in Primm, Nevada. Assisted by Jessica's enhanced strength, the armed crew steals two million dollars, and kills a guard in the process. They discuss what they will do with their cut of the money, and Jessica tells them she will use it for private school tuition. The crew turn their weapons on Jessica, but she uses her power to overtake and kill them all.


  • The members of D.L.'s crew are Taylor, Warren, and Itchy. Warren handles the crowd control, Itchy cuts off communications, Taylor takes care of security. D.L.'s role is to crack safes, which Jessica later accomplishes, using her enhanced strength. (Stolen Time)
  • With the money, Itchy plans to get a room at the Hard Rock with a bowling alley and a pool. Warren plans to buy a Hummer and a Baby Hummer that he can keep in the back of the regular Hummer. Taylor plans to invest in a portfolio for a plastics company he has had his eye on. Jessica tells the crew she plans to use her share of the money for private school tuition. (Stolen Time)


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