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User:Aresues/Power Swapping

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Power Swapping
Ability to: Swap the powers of other evolved humans

Power Swapping is the ability to take the powers of any other evolved human, and swap it with another. It is similar to Ability replication and Power absorption, in that it involves the manipulation of others' powers.

How It Works

The user touches another evolved human and, like Peter's power, the user gains that person's power. The second evoloved human loses their original power for good. However, if the user of Power Swapping already has a swapped power, the depowered person then gains the other power permanantly. Below is a diagram of how it works in an easier to understand way, using Claire and Tracy as examples

User touches Claire. Claire loses Rapid cell regeneration. User touches Tracy. Tracy loses Freezing, but gains Rapid cell regeneration. User touches Claire again, and she gains Freezing.

This power allows the user to swap powers with any human, evolved or otherwise, meaning someone like Noah could receive a power should the user wish him to. The user can take a power away from a person and keep it until they wish to pass it on, but they cannot stop themselves passing on a power if they take another ability when they already have one. Meaning, the user cannot possess more than two powers (Power Swapping and the swapped ability). The user has the knowledge of how things work, so they are able to fully use any power they come in contact with.


The user has to touch another person with their hands to swap any powers around. Swapping too many powers around is inadviable, as in a fight, the user could unintentionally give their foe a dangerous or useful power.