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Spectral Mimicry
Ability to: Transmute one's body to mimic a ghost or spirit

Spectral Mimicry is the ability to mimic the form of a ghost or spirit. A person with this power would be able to access all abilities generally associated with a ghost, that is, phasing, flight, levitation and invisibility. In all aspects of this power, the user effectively becomes a ghost, but without the adverse side effects of dying. The user does not leave his or her body (astral projection). The user can also cause others to feel the effects of the power through physical contact.


The user can activate this power almost instantly, with the amount of concentration shown to activate phasing and the like. The user can pass through solid objects, hover and fly at will, and turn invisible in a matter of seconds. While in a spectral form, not damage can be dealt to the user. This ability doesn't allow the user to control the dead, or see them (see Mediumship If this ability was to be supercharged, the user would be able to 'lock' others out of a physical form until they wish them to return to a tangible form.