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Information nullification
Held by: Alex Douglas, Barbedknives
Ability to: Erase, remove, or degrade information contained within systems.



Information Nullification is the ability to completely erase and destroy forms of information. This can include electronic data, biochemical information, and physical information. The user of this ability only needs to know the name of the person or object and intense conentration to erase information. Users have been shown to utilize this ability in a variety of startling ways, including but not limited to:

  • Formatting a floppy disk
  • Erasing someone's memories and motor functions
  • Destroying computer databases
  • Blanking entire Wiki's
  • Corrupting and nullifying human and animal DNA quickly causing death or cancer
  • Deprogramming electronic and mechanical devices
  • Deconstructing the atomic bonds of matter
  • Temporarily violating specific laws of physics
  • Permanently removing an evolved human's ability(s)

Alex Douglas

Alex Douglas has demonstrated the data destruction and memory erasure aspects of this ability.


The user must have a working knowledge of the concepts involved with the information he/she is trying to erase. This ability has not been shown to be able to affect information the user is not aware of.

Due to the nature of the ability, it cannot be absorbed, replicated, or mimiced. Attempting to do this results in extremely painful incapacitating feedback to users of intuitive aptitude, empathic mimicry, power absorption, ability replication, and other abilities that copy powers.

See Also

For the similar ability to absorb information from others, see Information absorption.