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User:Catalyst/Information Absorption

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Information Absorption
Brainiac defeated.png
Catalyst first demonstrates his newly acquired power on his first victim.
Held by: Catalyst
Ability to: absorb or drain information from others with physical contact.

Information Absorption is the ability to absorb or drain the information from others with physical contact.



This ability requires concentration, so the holder doesn't keep getting information when he shakes hands or hugs someone. Depending on how much force you use, the effect of the person could just copy the info, drain the info forcing the memory to be wiped, drain the info and lobotomize the person, or take the information and even kill the the victim. The same rules apply if used on an evolved human. If done lightly, the holder could copy the power without killing or wiping the memory of the special. The holder could also take the ability forcefully and kill or wipe the memory of the person. There also appears to be a white light leaving the victim and entering the holder during the process.


  • In a way this power is also like Sylar's ability. He wants to know how people think and work.

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