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User:Blood69/empathic absorption

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empathic absorption
Originally held by: User:Blood69
Absorbed by: Intuitive Empath, Rowan Quinain
Ability to: copy the memories, personality, abilities, voice and skills of an individual.

Empathic absorption is the ability to copy the memories, personality, abilities, voice and skills of an individual. It is considered the next evolutionary stage in power acquisition. It stands ahead of ability replication, the first stage. It stands ahead of empathic mimicry, the second stage. It stands ahead of power absorption, the third stage. However this power is incredibly dangerous if not combined with intuitive aptitude, due to the volume of individuals copies. It is the 4th stage of power acquistion behind only physical absorption which has the same effects, except that people are absorbed rather than copied. Empathic absorption is passive, so focus is required to ensure that people are not copied accidentally. Intuitive aptitude is critical in the maintenance of one's sanity as it enables you to focus your mind both to prevent accidental absorbing and to create prisons in your mind for your various individuals copied.

People who lack intuitive aptitude and have empathic absorption are vulnerable to possession by personalities. For a person with empathic absorption to access a power they acquired through absorption without having intuitive aptitude increasing the chance that the person they absorbed will control them. Nevertheless with intuitive aptitude, you can have access to multiple abilities, knowledge and skills.