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Have you ever had the feeling you were meant to do something extraordinary? What happens when you gain what you were looking for? Decisions would have to be made. After an event, many individuals began experiencing, impossible things, beyond anyone's imagination. They were either granted gifts, or curses. Why do we have them, what is the purpose? What would you do with these gifts? Be the hero, or the villain? What lies a head of the many who were granted, is based on the event that changed them.


  • A life changing event occurs.
  • A man is given an offer.
  • Villains soon find each other.

Story Development

Accelerated Probability · Bennet · Eclipse · Enhanced Radioactivity · John Dolan · Nina Matthews · Nina's Ability · Tommy


A week or so after the eclipse

San Diego - 7:30 am

Police officers fire their guns at the Tommy who had just robbed a bank. They had to call in back up, but especially the fire department after the damage he caused. He was becoming frustrated he didn’t know how to use this gift. Crouching behind a car he goes for his gun. However it melts in his glowing hands. Now excited he stands up with both hands glowing yellow. Though slightly hidden from the cops.

"FREEZE!" shouted a Lieutenant Chory

But Tommy made a sarcastic remark saying, "No. How about the exact opposite? Sounds good to me".

And no sooner then that, he shot blasts of hot radiation from his hands. Cars exploded and shot up into the air from the pressure of the fire underneath them. Plants and the grass were catching fire and then the police uniforms igniting. As everything was on fire, Tommy took this chance and drove off in a stolen car. No one followed him, as they were suffocating, and stopping, dropping and rolling to get rid of the fire. Tommy was satisfied with his accomplishment. He had gotten away with about $200,000 dollars. He then headed for a loft, the place where he lives.

New York - 10:30 pm

As a mugging is occurring in an alley, a gun shot is heard at the other end.

The mugger sees a man over there and says,"Oh, going to be the hero?"

The man did not reply. He is just walking toward the mugger. The mugger pulls out a gun on himself and fires it. As it the bullet is coming toward the "hero", the hero fires his gun as his vision is enhancing. The bullets clash and knock each other out of their paths. The mugger becomes slightly afraid, drops the purse, and runs. The man hands the woman her purse, and she says, "Thank you, so much. What’s your name?"

Though he just replies, "Doesn’t matter, just go home", and he walks away.

As he continued walking down other alleys, looking for a man named Bishop a car pulls up in front of him. The driver tells him to get in. But after hesitating, the driver yells again, "John, get in!" So John does and they speed off in the car. As he is in the middle of a sentence about how he knew his name, he is interrupted by the driver telling him, "Files. There are tons of them at Primatech about people like you."

John looks puzzled and repeats, "Primatech?" John then pulls the gun on him and starts yelling, "Who are you? Are you Bishop? What do you want from me? !"

He tells him to put the gun away and to relax. But John does neither of those things. He says his name is Bennet and that Primatech is a front for an organization called the Company. He says he used to be a part of the company, but left because he wanted to keep his daughter safe.

John interrupts and yells, "Shut up!, just shut up! Why the hell should I help you?"

Bennet makes a sudden sharp turn down another alley and then a sudden stop. He just stares at John for a few seconds angrily, while John is staring at Bennet fearfully. Bennet says, "This company will hunt you down and lock you up for a long time because you're dangerous if you wanted to be. They have been doing this for a long time." John looks convinced, but still has doubt.

"Now...I am giving you, a friendly offer. Help me take down this company...or I'll kill you. Your choice." John is still staring at him as if he were an escaped lunatic having a seizure. But John finally stops pointing the gun at him and puts it away. He says he will agree and they start the car again and drive off.

San Diego - 9:00 am

Tommy leaves his loft to go get some beer. As he walks out he falls unconscious watching a bright light, with his eyes turning black. A girl walks out from behind the wall of the building smiling. She makes a call and says cheerfully, "Alright, I got him, now what?"

To be continued...


Memorable Quotes

"Doesn't matter. Just go home."

- John Dolan


  • This series takes place before Dual and very shortly after The two part Eclipse episodes.

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