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My Theories

These are the reasons to each of my theories.

Theories Reasons
Zachary Quinto is not off the show and will come back as Sylar. He has been on the show too long and his character is too important to the show. Plus, "Nathan" has shape shifting and Intuitive Aptitude.
Peter has acquired all of Sylar's abilities, and Intuitive Aptitude. He touched Sylar and absorbed his powers.
Baby Matt Parkman will be able to give abilities if touched by him. Though Hiro already had powers, he was stripped from them but had his ability restored.
The Washington DC explosion that Matt Is not over with. There were only a couple of bombs strapped to his waist, that couldn't be that destructive. Plus, that scene went to quick. You have to think, that if the New York explosion was taken away and replaced be another one, then it has to be a big event. Especially if it involves DC, the Presidential location.
If Ando were to amplify Space-Time Manipulation it would destroy the world. As seen in The Second Coming, right after Ando had killed Hiro, buildings just started collapsing, destroying all of Tokyo and who knows where else. I believe this because if you amplify a person who controls time, the person can overload too much and destroy time and space.
We haven't seen the last of Samson Gray. Sylar spent too much time finding him, to just leave him there.
One of these days, someone is with the ability of freezing will shoot snow or ice. Someone just has to.
Knox's ability is different from Niki's and Mohinder's ability. He "absorbs" fear to turn into strength, and The other two people, and even Peter, don't have to do it.
Meredith & Flint are not dead. Flint stated he could not be burned, so that should imply for Meredith. Ability immunity are the key words here.
Stephen Canfield is not dead. Once again, ability immunity comes into play here. I believe he could survive in the vortex he sucked himself into.
Caitlin is dead. She lives in a future that has been changed which can either mean, that she no longer exists, or the future still lives on in an alternate timeline and she has caught the virus.