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  • At the Moab Federal Penitentiary in Utah, D.L. wakes up at the sound of a shotgun being cocked, only to realize that he is out of his cell. Several correctional officers surround him with shotguns, and when one of them asks him how he got out of his cell, he says that he doesn't know.
  • As Peter and Angela walk out of the police station towards Angela's limousine, Peter tells her that he feels he is meant for something special. Angela gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him that she has started to give up hope for him. Angela gets inside her limo and Peter is left alone to watch the limo drive away.
  • Simone arrives at Isaac's loft to find him handcuffed to a pipe. She tells him that she is going to take him to a hospital and starts to look for the key to unlock the handcuffs. Isaac tells her that it is better this way because she can forget about him, and that he ate the key. Simone then resorts to beating the cuffs with a hammer she found in a toolbox as Isaac mocks her and tells her that he never loved her., much to her shock. She tells Isaac that he can die if he wants to, and exits the loft, leaving Isaac staring at a hacksaw.
  • At the Moab Federal Penitentiary, D.L. is moved to a more secure cell. The guard tells the inmate in the cell across, Ezekiel Taylor, to keep an eye on him. As D.L. unpacks his personal effects, Ezekiel tells him that there is only one way to get out of the prison. He then proceeds to pray, saying he attempts to send his soul to Mecca, five times a day. When D.L. tells him he only needs to get to New York City, Ezekiel asks why, and, putting a newspaper clipping featuring Nathan Petrelli on the wall, D.L. says that that's where the man he is going to kill resides.
  • D.L. talks to someone over the phone, telling the person that he is the man of the house, and that he has responsibilities to his family. When a guard motions for him to hang up, D.L. tells the person that he is going to find a way out of prison.
  • In an undisclosed location, a man takes a bag off of another man's head. The man asks if he is going to be killed, and then says that they should just kill him. An unseen man tells him that death is not an option and he has a job to do, and that Allah has given him a chance at redemption for walking out on his job for a woman. One of the men gives him a statement to read, so that people will know that "the engineer" is back. The man tells his captor, in English, to tell the people that the engineer is dead.
  • At Moab, D.L. is cuffed and let out of his cell by two guards.
  • During the night, D.L. wakes up outside of the Moab building, and is secured by guards and snipers. Micah arrives at the prison and runs towards his dad. D.L. tells the men not to shoot, and then embraces his son.

Don't Look Back

  • In Isaac's loft, Peter and Simone make love in his own bed.
  • Niki Sanders is at her house unlocking the garage, when a man from Child Protective Services, David Cavanaugh, arrives to evaluate her care for Micah. Niki acts bewildered at the man's presence, and when he asks her if she forgot the appointment, she answers, "Of course not," and smiles.
  • David asks Niki several questions about her payments, Micah's education, and D.L.. As Micah eavesdrops on their conversation, David tells Niki everything she does impacts her son. Niki asks if it was his grandma that filed the complaint, but David says it is confidential. He questions Niki about her website, and asks to see her garage. Niki grabs a croquet mallet as he opens the garage door, only to find it orderly and clean. He asks to speak with Micah alone.
  • At her Cadillac, Niki puts away a bloody map as David surprises her. He says that he is finished with the evaluation and that he would put Micah in a better environment if he had the grounds to remove him. He tells Niki that he will be dropping by unannounced, to which Niki replies that she doesn't fear him. As he leaves, he tells her that the car is leaking oil, and Niki bends down to see that it is, in fact, blood.

One Giant Leap

  • At Yamagato Industries, Hiro rushes up to his friend Ando Masahashi's desk to enlist his aid. He shows Ando the issue of 9th Wonders! he picked up in the future, and tells him about Isaac's death and the bomb. Ando remains skeptical, even as the comic accurately predicts the conversation he's having. When Hiro's watch starts to beep, he says that they have to save a girl's life, and Ando follows him, interested.
  • Niki and Micah arrive at Micah's grandmother's home. Paulette starts chastising Niki as she makes Micah breakfast, and Niki asks if she called Child Protective Services. Paulette says that she can provide Micah with a steady environment. When she says D.L. is an innocent man, Niki shows her a ring, and claims that D.L.'s crew all wore them. She believes that he robbed Mr. Linderman of two million dollars and then killed his own crew, but Paulette insists he was framed. Niki tells her mother-in-law she wants her out of Micah's life, and tells her not to call Child Protective Services again, to which Paulette answers that she wouldn't have to if Niki were a capable mother. Niki tells her she has no idea what she's capable of, and takes Micah away.


  • Tina arrives at Niki's house to babysit Micah, and Niki thanks her for coming. Later on, she sees Niki looking in a mirror and asks if she's still seeing the her that isn't her.
  • Micah tells Niki that what she does in the garage is just acting. When Niki's limo arrives, he tells her not to go, and she promises that she'll be home before he knows it.