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The Sanderses' home

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The Sanderses' home
Sanderses house 2.jpg
Location: Henderson, NV
Purpose: Residence

The Sanders' home is a single-story rancher just outside of Las Vegas, NV. The house contains a modest kitchen and dining room, a living room, two bedrooms, a small attic, a pool, and a single-car garage.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Niki Sanders is running an internet sex chat site out of the garage in the house. Later, Mr. Linderman sends his thugs to the house to collect on a debt; the thugs force Niki to perform on tape, and she blacks out. Niki wakes, and finds that the thugs were violently killed; the garage is a bloody mess.

Don't Look Back

Niki locks the garage and leaves the house, but stops to play the tape to review the murders; she blacks out again and finds four hours have passed. After picking up Micah, they return home, and Niki finds the garage has been cleaned and no evidence of the murder remains.


Niki returns home and finds several police officers waiting for her. An LVPD detective tells her that D.L. has escaped from prison, and may be attempting to return home. There is commotion, and Ando is captured at the back door. It appears that Ando (after his argument with Hiro outside of the Burnt Toast Diner) was able to track down her address based on the registration for her internet site; Niki learns that he is one of his customers. She tells the police they can let Ando go, and after the police leave, D.L. is seen hiding in the living room.

Better Halves

With the police outside of the house, D.L. confronts Niki, revealing his presence. The two discuss the real reason D.L. is a wanted man: his crew robbed Linderman of $2 million and now they are presumed dead. He says has a lead on a money launderer which will finally clear his name. The next day, Micah finds the two of them in bed, and they are a happy reunited family. Niki and D.L. sneak out to find the money launderer, and find another murder scene.

They return home, and Niki confesses that what they saw looked just like the murdered thugs in the garage. D.L. refuses to believe it. Niki goes into her son's room to get his backpack, then blacks out again. She wakes, and is now sitting on the living room sofa... Confused, she goes into the master bedroom where she finally meets her alter-ego Jessica. Jessica admits to committing the murders, and tells Niki to get the money and take Micah as far away from D.L. as possible.

Niki climbs up into the attic crawlspace, and finally finds the money. She drops down back into the bedroom, but D.L. is waiting for her. He confronts her, but Jessica has taken over, and hurls D.L. across the room. She tries to choke him, but Micah interrupts; distracted, D.L. phases through Jessica and chokes her until she passes out. The last thing she sees is D.L. grabbing Micah and the money and running away.

Six Months Ago

Six months ago, D.L. Hawkins, Niki Sanders and Micah were still living together at the house. After encountering her father Hal Sanders at an AA meeting, Niki invites him over. Hal gives Micah a laptop as a gift, and Micah disassembles it in his bedroom.


D.L. meets Aron Malsky at the house and hands over the money to him. D.L. says that the deal is over, and Aron replies that Mr. Linderman didn't say there was a deal.

The Fix

Micah and D.L. feel the financial strain of Niki's absence; they increasingly bicker. Micah takes matters into his own hands and dumps a backpack full of money on the table.


Niki returns home from the Women's Correctional Facility. Micah asks if she wants to play, but Jessica answers instead.

Graphic Novel:Bully

D.L. prepares a sandwich for Micah, who works on the computer. D.L. asks his son if he was in a fight, and tells Micah he only cares if he won or not.


In Niki's bedroom, Jessica applies make-up to conceal her tattoo of the symbol. After a duped D.L. and Micah leave the house for the day, Jessica opens a package containing money, an airplane ticket, and a picture of her target: Aron Malsky. When she returns home from Los Angeles, Micah tells her she has another package in the bedroom--it's a photograph of Nathan Petrelli.


Outside the home, D.L. and Jessica fight about D.L.'s planned move from the home. He says that Micah is not safe as long as Linderman owns their lives. One of Linderman's guards comes up and tells Jessica that Linderman has asked to see her right away. D.L. tells Jessica to say goodbye to Micah tonight.

Later outside, Candice, using her power of illusion to appear as Niki, takes Micah to two waiting cars, from out of one of which comes Linderman himself. Linderman asks Micah if he wants to save the world and they drive off together leaving Candice behind. Jessica drives up to see Candice standing there.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Two days after Hana goes into space, Niki and Micah discuss D.L., who is recovering at a nearby hospital. Micah goes to his room, where he chats online with Samantha48616e61, who reveals herself to be Hana.

Four Months Ago...

After D.L. is released from the hospital, D.L. and Niki celebrate Micah's eleventh birthday in the backyard. Niki tells Micah to make a wish, and Micah says that he wishes for his family to be the "Fantastic Four... minus one." He tells how the three of them could go fight crime together. D.L. says it's not possible but he has got a decent job and will become Micah's hero. After the party is over Niki is struggeling with her medication. Afterwards Niki pours the pills from Bob that would supposedly help with her multiple personality disorder down the drain.

One month later... the house is filled with members of the family, gathering for a wake to honor D.L.. Present are Monica, Nana and Damon, who asks Micah if he can play with D.L's medal of valor. Nana tells Niki that anything she needs, she can have. Bob arrives to see Niki as Nana, Monica and Damon are leaving.



  • The house is number 9734.
  • The address on the Cadillac's registration and a SendEx slip (37 Parker St) doesn't match the street number on Niki's curb (9734).
  • Niki's car is parked in front of the house. It has a Nevada license plate, 231 HQV.
  • On the nightstand in Niki's room is a small reddish-brown wax lion (Better Halves). This is the same lion that plays a pivotal role in the show Wonderfalls (which was created by Bryan Fuller).
  • In the pilot, the set of the Sander's home was an actual house. An exact replica was made of the house's interior, to be used for the rest of the series.


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