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Peter Petrelli (The World Entire)
Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia,
Trenton Rogers
In-story stats
Known abilities Original ability:
Empathic mimicry
Abilities Mimicked:
Rapid cell regeneration,
Mental manipulation,
Space-time manipulation,
Induced radioactivity,
Power absorption,
Telescopic vision,
Enhanced memory,
Enhanced hearing,
Formal name Peter Petrelli
Nickname Pete
Age 31
Date of birth December 23, 1979
Parents Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli
Siblings Nathan Petrelli,
Gabriel Gray
Other relatives Niece:
Claire Bennet
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Noah Gray,
Andrew Petrelli
Elle Gray,
Tracy Petrelli

Peter Petrelli is a version of Peter Petrelli in Creedog VanDrey's Fanfiction "The World Entire". He is a rebel against Pinehearst and has more abilities than any of his other forms.

Character History

Chapter 3: The Blood Between Us

Though not mentioned, Peter's corpse is in the background of the Pinehearst Morgue. Peter's past self is not seen but mentioned as causing the fatal wound on Nathan's head.

Chapter 5: Family

Peter is mentioned twice in this chapter. Matt comments on his betrayal to Claire, and Tracy Petrelli asks about past Peter's whereabouts and Gabriel notes that he's "on a slab at Pinehearst".

Chapter 6: The Lives We Live

Matt pulls Peter out of a morgue cabinet, pulls out a bullet from the back of his head, and inserts a chemical coma kit into him. Peter does not resurrect, however, until Claire shows up. Matt proceeds to trick Claire and escape with Peter's alive but comatose body.

Chapter 7: Turning the Tide

Peter awakes but soon discover's he's in one of Matt's mind traps. After Peter explains he had nothing to do with the Costa Verde Disaster, Matt asks him for his help.

Chapter 8: The Right Choice

Matt releases Peter from the mind trap and the two discuss the Broken Earth Cataclysm. Matt explains that he's well aware of the Cataclysm and is the one responsible for bringing it to light, and promises to help Peter if he can help him find his daughter Molly. Peter learns to access Molly's power by remembering her at Kirby Plaza during his fight with Sylar. They discover she's with Mohinder Suresh at his lab. Peter teleports them away.

Chapter 9: The First Domino

Peter and Matt arrive at Mohinder's lab only to find Molly with a strange creature. Matt mentally attacks to save Molly and Peter threatens it before they discover it's Mohinder. Peter asks Mohinder to make an antidode to the Formula compound, to which Mohinder would need the actual diagram. Peter knows how to get it, but first he needs Molly to find someone.

Chapter 10: The First Step

Molly locates Hiro Nakamura for Peter and he teleports to him on a remote Japanese Island. After explaining their plan, Hiro gives Peter half of the Formula and promises to get the other half from Yamagato Industries.

Evolved Human Abilities

Peter has his natural ability of Empathic mimicry. Having never lost his ability to his father, Peter has retained all his previous abilities, as well as mimicking several new ones and learning to use some that he has previously absorbed but not demonstrated.





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